How many SSR do you have as a F2P? How did they came?

Once again, hey all~ It’s me again!
So yeah, like the topic said. I been playing FGO NA for like 365+ days and as a F2P, I only have 3 SSR for now.
My first SSR was at my 249th day of login, which is a surprise spook from Merlin! He was my very first SSR in game. After 249 days of Yorokobe…I get him with 3 tickets only. That was the time I believe in my luck again.

My 2nd SSR was King Hassan which around 270+ day, first time I ever seen a rainbow in gacha. Damn sad…I collected 250+ SQ spend on roll for Musashi with half, she never came. Another half on King Hassan, he almost never came, I did some interlude quest for some SQ and he came at last.

and my 3rd SSR was Nero Bride which is from recently after I became salty not getting Gilgamesh for 80+SQ 10+Ticket, she came with my last 9 SQ.

So how many SSR you guys have? Let’s share how your Fate Grand Salt Journey!


1 SSR, Ozy, in 316 days. He came to me back when I just rolled a 10 roll whenever I had the Quartz for it, when I just started the game, and I just finished my weekly missions on one of the last days (can’t remember exactly) of the Camelot banner. It was on the train-ride back from home that I decided to chance it, and so he came. As for any other rolls, I have by now accepted to never expect getting another SSR. It makes the pain of not getting one sting less.

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I got two SSRs before I started spending money outside of GSSR, both within about three months. First was Nightingale on a lucky ticket. Then GSSR came and I pulled Lancertoria. Then I threw a ticket at story summon and pulled Berserker Vlad.


Life of F2P indeed, we can only see our Waifu/Husbando on our support list…never got the chance to get them.
Cheer bro, stay positive. One day you waifu/husbando will appear in your chaldea.

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Wow, story summon. I thought nobody did that and you managed to get a Vlad from it?! 2 of your SSRs came from a lucky ticket. Dang, that one shot hahaha!

The quest for NP5 Bedivere is a long and difficult road. Only the strongest of souls can make the journey.


Wow that is some determination! What NP is your bedivere now?
I also going to NP 5 my Jaguar Warrior, currently NP 4! I prefer Bedivere but can’t complain much thou

4 SSR in 252 days.
Got waver in Nero rate up during nero fest.
Got Nightingale during Ishtar rate up.
Got Altria during Musashi rate up.
And recently got Tamamo during Gilgamesh rate up.
So my luck is not bad when it comes to numbers, however none of my SSR are rate up making my spook rate 100%. Rate up is lie people!


I’m GSSR only (so I spend 30 bucks twice per year on those guaranteed banners and nothing else), so if you discount the SSR (Drake) I got from the January lucky bag I have a total of 5 SSRs with 260 days played.
I realize that I’m above average lucky and very grateful for it.

  • Started playing in August 2018, my first SSR was Tamamo form 3-4 tickets on the Halloween rerun banner.

  • The next one was Jalter on the DL campaign banner - one 10roll.

  • After that, Merlin, the first servant I went ham for intending to roll them. Took around 260 SQ if I remember correctly but he popped up as well.

  • I then spent around 150 SQ on the gramps banner and didn’t get anything noteworthy except Nitocris. I figured my initial luck was starting to pay back its dues.

  • Next up, the Valentine’s banner that I’d been waiting for to try for MHXA. I dumped all my savings (around 330 SQ) and didn’t even get a 4* servant, which was extremely disappointing considering how I’d gotten used to getting lucky in my first few months. But sure enough, I collected another 10 SQ over the event and tried using them on the Quetz-MHXA day expecting nothing - and MHXA finally popped up after all. I was overjoyed at this point.

  • My newest SSR is Tesla from the GudaGuda Meiji event. He had been one of my favorites for a while, but his rate ups are rare and Meiji was basically his only solo rate up on the horizon at all (he hasn’t had any in the 2 years JP is ahead of us), so I figured I’d need to at least allocate a few of my savings for CCC and Summer to him - and he showed up after a 10roll and 7 tickets. At that point I felt guilty about my luck, lol.


Wow, not bad. I’m sure you thought that Altria roll was Musashi when it appeared.
3 Support servants, damn that’s nice!

I wanted to spend on GSSR before, but the currency is expensive for my country. Too bad~ that’s why i stay F2P.
Still your servants are nice, i wanted MHXA for the star war reference. She never came :sob:

6 SSR in 237 days.
My first SSR is Tamamo. she come unexpectedly.
Then i got Jalter on single summon.
After that i got Edmond on his event rerun banner.
After that in Shinjuku relaese i got Moriarty and Mordred together.
Then on Guda Guda banner i got Okita.


I got my first SSR from a ticket in just about 2 months after I started playing (Summer Tamamo). Then about 5 months in I finally dumped all my SQ and got Drake, Jack and Atilla, all in about 300 SQ. Then I immediately went dolphin because I was actually rolling the Jalter banner, which was the reason I started playing FGO and saving all SQ since the beginning… but all I got was 3 SSR spooks. I guess my f2p luck was, in a sense, above average but once I start paying for SQ it all went downhill…

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My first was just some random roll/fluke, It was Iskander- I believe it was my first login event
Then after that most of the ssr’s came to my birthday, Tamamo Summer and Nightingale ( Exact Birthday)
I got Altera with 1 ticket month after that…
And my most expected and predictable one was Cleopatra, I really convinced myself that I’ll get her xD.
Not sure if this counts but I got picked by Shotgun Shogun december giveaways and got Waver
(*Btwy,He is an all-round “gacha streamer/youtuber” in case somebody didn’t knew *#ToomuchFlex xD)
6 Servants All in all…

Around ±220 days, i only had 2 SSR.
1st. Nero Bride, she came after super success right after i’m able to grail nero og to 90. Lol.
2nd. Da vinci, just 1 multi, no rituals, just feels that hello it’s me da vinci, i’m gonna come to your chaldea, master…
Note : before i rolls in da vinci banner, i tried gamepress summon simulator and she always come in every multi. :fgo_dshy:
Btw, this is good post to new F2P player. So they knew on how many “realistically” ssr they will get if they don’t want to buy SQ.

10 ssr in 424 days tho. first ssr was seiba, spooked in yolo. second was jalter at 1am yolo too, third was sanzang with yolo again. after that cu alter and ozy was yolo too. lartoria, zhuge, cu alter, jeanne, okita were using multi tho. still saving for thou who will answer me next summon


289 days 10 ssr
started during accel zero event
1st waver from tickets
2nd altera from 1 ticket in 1 story gacha
3rd scathach 1 yolo 10 roll during her rate up banner
4rth medb 2 10 rolls while chasing illya
5th gilgamesh after taking a month break and returning before christmas 1 10 roll
6th ozymandias while chasing ishtar
7th amakusa shiro was the santa during lily jeane event
8th karna while hunting merlin
9th merlin… 7 10 rolls
10th meltrillys 2 10 rolls

note : cried from 400 quartz rolling for raikou, first 10 roll gold berserker-tamamo cat… and after that no other 4 star or 5 star

tamamo banner rate up, 120 quartz ,1 10 roll gold caster - helena… and emiya…

150 on musashi, they didnt reach her.


228 days, 6 SSRs

  1. Waver from yolo x10 roll, one of my first servants, my second gold after Sumanai. Didn’t level him then because I was a noob and since I began to see how good he really was, he has been carrying me ever since.
  2. Medb from yolo x10 in Story banner because I was an idiot, but I was still happy to get another 5 star, a Rider no less. Story-locked too, so that’s out of the way.
  3. Merlin from clutch x10 roll on New Year’s Day, around 30 mins before banner expired. My second support servant and he has been making my fights far easier alongside Waver ever since.
  4. Jack from GSSR, my only gold Assassin and an addition that has carried me through Shinjuku along with Medb.
  5. Shinjuku Archer from yolo x10 roll at r8 up. My first gold Archer, until Nobu and EMIYA decided to drop in by the GUDAGUDA event.
  6. Hijikata from monthly tickets, and until I got Chacha, my only gold Berserker.
  7. Got Melt from 3rd Anniversary GSSR, really glad I got her, and hopefully I get Skadi to make her shine.
  8. Caster Nero from the Summer event

Failed to get MHXA and Tamamo when I started to kind of save for them. I’m mainly F2P and will likely only spend for GSSR, and most of my rolls before were just yolos because I was too lazy to save or figure out who I wanted to save for.


6 SSR’s 98 Days.

1st one was just a 10x roll Orion on her rate up

2nd one was a 10x roll on Dantes on his rate up

3rd one was a 10x roll after 60 quartz on the da vinci banner i got enkidu for the last one

4th one was just an impulse 10x roll moriarity during the shinjuku banner

5th one was a ticket and it was Sanzang

And for the last it was a 10x roll on the nero bride/gil banner and it was jacky.

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wow you are the lucky one who get picked?! I also got join but too bad, i didn’t get picked. OMGG! That luck is more than SSR!