How many swords units do you have?

Interesting that I wanted to build when I started playing a favorite sword infantry hero. But I see that even today I have none. I think most people invest in Feh first with the sword.

B. Marth must not be a sword. Only Fir will remain, the only one I have enough copies of.

I need an infantry sword and a high-speed ax. But my favorites don’t have enough copies.

The only one I have is Eliwood. But it was after Serra and Heath.


I have 5 +10 sword units, and many more at 5* either slightly merged or unmerged :catroll:

I’d take a screenshot but maintenance is currently ongoing :feh_morganagrom:


Lend me one of yours. I don’t have any infantry just Eliwood, but cavalry doesn’t have the benefit of skills and support that infantry does.

I thought about building Marth but I don’t have the money for his resplendent version.

Two +10s (Laslow, MCorrin)

Three +1s that get used (MKris, WAltina, LSeliph)

One Refresher (Mira)

In terms of ones I use that’s about it.


So I recently finished this merge project

I’m telling ya everyone be sleeping on Maintenance scoring high in Arena is easy peasy with this guy

222 hp? Good luck killing him

1900 atk

803 speed

3004 def

LF2Q whatever tf does that mean res

His prf skill Support Code is busted af


Laslow should be quite fun to use.

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The way is to upload words here in Gp while maintenance is not finished.


This is my only +10 sword unit. She becomes so strong even with a basic kit.


At 5* I have (off the top of my head since Maintenance) Laegjarn, Seth, Athena, Hinata (built for Spd)

I have some 4*+10’s like Eliwood and Palla, but not sure exactly who all I have for it.

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Now are we only talking about +10’s… or all together


I’ll use every opportunity to flex my handsome boy. :muscle:


So like me and my girl Obo


I barely know you and I already respect you for having a Draug +10. because I never saw a +10.


I’ve built and merged up Athena and Caeda. Ashnard is +9, Eliwood is +2, and I got an Astram waiting for his chance in my barracks.


Oboro I wanted to build, but as yours is already a religion, I don’t need to invest.

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I envy your units. Lend me these waifu.

For the longest time a only had one sword unit that was able to handle everything thrown at her. My Selena can still be considered one of the best, if not the best, units I had under my command.

Though her refine can be considered bland to what we get now, it has kept her within the meta to a degree. resplendent Selena when IS?
Then I started to expand my sword units a bit, first was Soleil.

A simple galeforcer but she comes in handy in AR a lot.
I’m not the most familiar with the older Fe characters, but something about F!Mareeta caught my eye, so I messed around a bit and built a weirdly functional build.

She may be outdated a bit, but I still have fun using her.
Then finally Nemesis, I needed a red arena unit, and I made one.

His art made him feel like a boss unit, and I made him into that boss unit. He really helps out in arena with all the Edelgards floating around.


Nemesis is the epitome of boss as enemy vs boss as playable.

I have a lot of sword units but I really only use Marth, he was my first +10 and the only until I recently built Valter


I liked your swords. F. Mareeta is an interesting weapon to attack PP.

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My +10 Sword units atm are Marf, Chrom, Elincia, Soleil… I think I have 1 other, but don’t remember atm

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