How many times has the rate up lied to you?


Thanksgiving/Merlin/OG Hassan

spent over 700+ SQ and 60+ ST

when skadi was on rate up i got Gil?? (1 pull for fun ig)
when merlin was on rate up i got 2 atalantas?
got enough for 10pull merlin, got lancelot and vlad
last bit of my SQ/ST was for 1st Hassan, another fucking atalanta…
got a gold assassin, but wasn’t paying enough attention at the beginning of summon so I thought it was King Hassan but got rickrolled and got stheno instead and insta burned… (was on the brink of insanity for that…)


Hmm let me see here.

Last summer I spent 60 SQ and got Tama Lancer and Yuri Archers. Then I spent like 360 more SQ between Kiyohime Lancer, and part 2 Squirtoria/Caster Marie, and only got a Nursery Rhyme (at least Prisma was coming so she got a crapton of use) and a ZerkerLot (who is still lvl 60 atm).

Then during Haloween Rate-up I rolled around 150 SQ for Jack and got spooped by Ozzy Osbourne.

Finally, I rolled 90 SQ for the King Hassan and got a Stheno.


Merlin and this banner for okita.

Merlin came after 900 quartz, with a Nightingale and Vlad spooks.

Okita came after 90 quartz, but I wanted at least NP2. Ended wasting 950 total and got her at NP3, but I had an OG Saber spook and an Altera spook.


I forgotten… Let me check the event Calendar from the start of the game 1st…
Gil rate up, Okeanos chapter release, 1st Guda2, Scathach rate up, 1st Christmas, 1st New year, Kara no kyokai, CBC 2018, Dantes pick up, 1st Jalter pickup, Fate/Zero pickup, Rashomon pickup, 2nd Scathach pickup, Onigashima pickup, Camelot 2nd banner, Both summer banner, 2nd Jalter, Halloween 2018, Thanksgiving (Scathach), 1st Babylon, Memerlin, Musashi, King Hassan, MHXA,

Well that’s mean 2/3 of all events. Lancers and Extra class hate me XD


Worst lies I can think of (Im sure there are more):

Merlin Banner: 4 Helena and OG Saber after way too many quartz

Ishtar Banner: 4 Emiya and Arjuna after a few hundred quartz

The moral of that story is, now I don’t save quartz or whale so theres a silver lining there I suppose.