How many welfares do you genuinely prefer to gacha alternatives?

Love or performance reasons are both fine, but I’m leaning a bit more towards favouritism with this.

My own examples:

I think Summer Yuu is probably edging out desire for any particular ST only Lancer. Nice design in all regards, and uniquely good. Also Shishou burned me long ago

I enjoy Jalterzerker more than any SR Zerker, chuuni and all. Yes I’d take her over big tank Heracles if they were both gacha.

I 500% prefer BB to any gacha SR Moon Cancer

Ushi’s sensei is cooler than any of the gen pool AoE assassinos. Gotta love another member of the shishou-senpai-sensei squad. Gray too actually, although… cuter rather than cooler.

Feel free to put more meat on your love, Cards is in agony and cannae think.


You mean all one of them? who’s silver?


Only one I make genuine excuses to use is Ryouma, though I look forward to getting Summer Yu because she looks fun to use.


fuuma crying in the backround


Also same thing here about zerker jalter, i truly like how she plays and still use her in boss fights even though she has officially retired in the bond 10 room since SIN.

And me being me I gotta add Kagetora as my go-to ST lancer for every archer/berserker fight


Summer Yu in JP and BB in NA.

Kinda sad most of my welfares only get used during their event.


He’s fine at what he does, it just blows my mind there’s no gen pool gold aoe assassin like, nearly 7 years into the game lol


Assassin Shiki and Ryouma are probably the only welfares I really care about. Kuro and Sieg are both great, but not better than gacha alternatives. Santa Nightingale can’t loop and there isn’t enough CQ content to make her kit properly shine (Id have summoned for her ofc but still)

A lot of the others are nice options that I just don’t care about.



Wanting one of those


:fgo_sthenosmug: smug snek that’s been with you all along and is gen pool gold No-o-E assassin


I really like rider kintoki over pretty much any ST rider besides Ryouma who also happens to be a welfare

I also use jalter more than any other ST zerker, none of them even really come close for me

But besides that I tend to use welfares as supplementary units rather than main ones. Chloe was my main arts dps for a long time until I pulled Archuria who blows her out of the water


90% of gen pool Assassins then, I’d still use them over any gen pool ones but Okki. And maybe Kiritsugu if I want to see how much his stats are salvaged by overwhelming buffs.

She’s MVP in Olympus, what she offers is a really rare effect combination. And in the case of buff removal resist, rare full stop.


I love Jalterzerker too. If only I have her in my chaldea, still kicking myself for the 6-7 months of FGO hiatus I had.

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None of them.

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Yeah but in that case the have completely different uses lol, it’s the illusion of choice

I’ve used Gray more than Cleo…

There’s no gacha AoE Assassin that really floats my boat bar (mainly 1st ascension) Koyan.

Cleo ain’t gen pool

I never use her, she hits pitifully hard for a buster NP5 assassin

The only aoe assassin I’ve ever seen a reason to use is ushi but shes not gen pool of course

Yeah, but you’re complaining there aren’t enough gen pool for that comment to matter so I expanded the list.

There not being any gen pool aoes is my point though?