How many yellow Toilet Papers before Feb 2021?

Does anyone know how many yellow toilet papers we can get before they change the heroes line-up next year (Feb 2021)? Is it possible to get more than one route?


I was just wondering that. Currently, I haven’t spent any TP and I have 4750. The amount needed to complete one route is 6000, so… I’m not sure we’ll be able to complete more than one unless you buy Feh Pass.


Hmm I don’t think it’s possible to complete more than one. Just rounding everything up you could maybe get a bit more than 3000 just with Mjolnir strikes and arena by the end of the year (assuming one mjolnir strikes per week). If you already somehow have around 9000 I guess you could?


It’s definitely possible to complete one full route this year, plus a few others IF you got a head start and started collecting Divine Codes when they were introduced. Afterward might be more difficult though.

I don’t know the rewards for every tier but I’ll use my tendency to teeter between 17-19 in Arena, 15-18 in Mjolnir Strikes and 19-20 in Aether Raids as a baseline for the “higher but not quite Grand” tiers.

  • Arena averages 36-40/week
  • Aether Raids averages 14-17/week
  • Mjolnir Strikes averages 60 -72/week
  • Minimum total of 110; maximum total of 129

Assuming one remains the same tier throughtout (for easier math), that’s 6708/year at maximum (without the FEH Pass), which is enough to clear one full route and one manual in a different route. Minimum is 5720, which is just about 300 short of completing a full route. Lower tiers obviously average less


So it’s not possible to get a whole route plus Lewyn… (Ugh… IS why make special spiral so expensive T.T). Too bad :frowning:


If they’re gonna add more code routes I would expect they bring them for Divine Codes #2.

Cause ya know… we haven’t had codes with a 2 on them yet, and Empherias started with 3.


We might gradually get more TP, or at least I hope so. But it probably won’t be enough for a full route + Lewyn unless you either buy Feh Pass or score higher in modes that award TP. :catcry: Or both.

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Yeah hopefully they give us more TP… Really want that special spiral but the heroes before him are not good fodders so other routes look better D:
I do have Feh pass ( it’s godsend for automatic clearing TT and FB, and resplendent are guaranteed 5star so imo it’s a great deal) but still dont think it’ll be enough.

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Yeah, I’m considering finishing his route despite the three first heroes not being very good fodder (then again, every route’s first three heroes tend to not have great fodder) for Special Spiral and that sweet Swift Sparrow 3.

I’ll wait until I see my final count/future lineups before spending any, though. We probably won’t be able to convert our Part 1 TPs to Part 2 TPs, but in case we do (even if at a bad rate), it’s probably a good idea to hold onto them.


Yep, spend them at last minute is the best strategy for TP… Personally looking at Fates (Blue flame, CC, NFU) or FEH (wrathful staff, atkspd link, defres link and Mirror strike4). And I also dont think IS will let us ever to convert to TP old version to TP new version, like red toilet paper.



I have to wait till next year to potentially get a path worth the TP?



Wait, how many do you have right now? :feh_eirikathink:

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Sitting on 6398 rn

Was hoping they’d give us more paths sometime this year, like in August/September. Did they ever actually announce when they’d release more paths?


Whoa, that’s amazing! :feh_sothishook: I thought you meant you had to wait until next year to complete a path, and I was like “wow, I knew IS was stingy, but next year?” lol

And I’m not sure if they announced when exactly they would release more paths, but I’m assuming we would use Part 2 TP for these, so… The Part 1 TPs we have now are useless if you’re not into any of the paths. :catcry: Unless they let us exchange them somehow, but like with limited TP, I don’t think this will be the case.


Oh well. Guess I’ll just wait until I’m absolutely desperate for some fodder or the paths are about to expire. Not too inclined to spend the TP just yet. By then, I might be able to do 2 full paths lol


The three represents march, the third month if the year, the red tp is numbered based on what month it is

I don’t know where the hell you came up with that.

Even if that’s true, that doesn’t quite answer the question of why there’s a “1” on the regular divine codes in the first place.

Personally I will also hold my Toilet Paper until the last possible moment :thinking:
While the fodder is cool, I have no need for any of it right now, and I don’t want to regret my path choice later :catroll:




Because we got the red tp with a three on it in March and it has increased by one each month