How much do you guys score in Mjolnir Strike?

Just wanted to know so I could get some reference before I finalize my defense team.

730, same lead units as my AB team. (Rutger, Soren, Nowi, and L!Alm.)
Their pairs are Eir, Kaze, Reyson, and Altina respectively.


Currently I’m scoring 724. Albeit, I haven’t put a lot of effort into it, but I assume its similar to arena. So high merges+mythics helps.

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  1. Not sure how the score works though, probably the average between what you would score in arena, so if I used this team in arena the range would be 748-760? It took a lot of extra skills to go up from 750 to 754 though. My eir is +7 which counts as a +17 unit.

Scoring 754. Lead units are +7 Eir (counts as +17), +2 Peony (counts as +12), +10 B!Hector, and +10 Idunn


How do you see your score

This is where I’m at.

Might fiddle around later to see if I can increase the score, maybe swap Azura for Clair or something.

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Here’s my scoring :

It’s alright… I guess ?

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Actually… Idk what i’m doing, just placed everyone to get the best buff and be untankable/undamageable (the only ones that have a stat under 40 are Robin with 34 res and Altina with 16 spd)

Placed all the mythic, except Light ones, cause they’re useless in battle, because i’m too lazy to change disposition every season, and they still do their job at scoring.
Maybe i’ll miss having a dancer but PaAzura is in the bench 24/7 due to how broken is Altina.
FFCorn with Aether and flashing blade and Sothis with Sirius should survive long enough to kill every enemy and leave leftovers to the def team.

if i could i’d make a full Corrin squad, but SummerCorrin will be awkwardly useless in every place. (And we still miss one)

Actually nope all Corrins + PaAzura is great, Summer Corrins can do her job in peace thanks to the fact that the units on the upper part are ignored by the enemies. The only thing that is a problem is… The score… Obviously

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In the setup, go to “Help & Extras” at the bottom right corner. In the menu that pops up, tap “Test Defenses” and choose your difficulty level. Once you choose your difficulty level, you can see your score range above your characters’ portraits.

Gen-1 team reporting at 744 :feh_zekewhat:


Any tips to increase your score?

I’ve tried switching out units and i see no change

Same as arena, merges and high SP skills. In my case all the units save Lilina have Aether, so I switched her to Blazing Wind for a small boost. Something like that should work.

Merged mythics that match season count more than anything. Major season mythics count as if they’re +10, minor season counts as +5

Other than that, same as arena scoring (bst, merges, sp cost, etc)

I don’t know how it works… I just put random full merged I usually use for it… that’s the score…


I can only max score 744 as i don have merge mythic heroes so i think i am ok

I am not super big into arena modes but preparing the best i can. I am at 742 right now. If i have enough time to get 6000 feathers on helbindi, nino is going to get her max score but i might miss the deadline this time. Hope i can get it as g duel infantry will add more points. I don’t want to fodder him though without getting his feathers.

That’s a great score. In case you’re wondering, only the higher scored unit in each column counts, letting you run whoever you want in 4 slots. Dark mythics with 5 merges are worth running and all light mythics right now are worth running probably.

I like that the mode really only demands 2 mythics of the major blessing and 2 cores to get max score. The only annoying thing is spending feathers to get aether or galeforce on all of these mythics :disappointed_relieved: still, that’s a lot cheaper than making more fully merged cores.

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