How much do you like Fate : UBW?

Yep just wondering who saw it and how do you like it if it’s the case :fgo_goodciv:

It’s my fav Fate show personnaly and one of my fav anime serie. It’s been now 5 year that it was made and it’s still at the top of animation solid all around with great music (Last Stardust being played during Emiya against Archer is pure epicness).

But more importantly, this show is an example about how well to exploit a great VN and make all its characters shine brightly ! The first being obvioulsy Shirou who is one of my fav main character in anime. How can you not like his whole confrontation against archer, his whole interrogation about if what he’s doing his right, about how much is broken. What to say about Rin who is as much great as Shirou which make their relationship as great.

Futhermore, it did well with other character development such as Caster, Cu best bro etc…

  • ULW : Unlimited Love Work
  • Good show but not my Fate fav one
  • Meh, FGO story are better
  • Don’t like it
  • Didn’t watch it

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So what about you ?

Talk about it because I watched it again 2 days ago :fgo_illya:

I love UBW but it isn’t my favorite Fate series or Route.

That said UBW is amazing and they managed to actually improve upon the visual novel in several areas. It also include my all time favorite fate scene in the franchise! Where Shirou agrees to Lancers help in exchange for not hitting on Rin because “Rin is mine!”

But overall my favorite route is Heaven’s Feel. Part of this is that HF is the route of my favorite girl Sakura, but it is also that I legit feel that it is honestly the best story.

And if you haven’t seen HF: Lost Butterfly yet go see it! That movie is soooooo good!

As for TV series my favorite remains Fate/Zero. I just love the darker and more mature themes of that series. And Memoria is one of my all time favorite anime songs too.

I voted “I don’t like it”
Ubw is my favourite route, and I think is poorly rappresented in the anime.
The anime failed to make the epicness of some scene, like the fight between the 2 emiya. In the vn that was such a good scene. And we get a multi episode boring full of monologue whatever thing instead?
Is like taking awey the whole essence of ubw.
For exemple, I think that fight was better rappresented in the old movie ubw.

Was good, but I liked Apoc and Zero better from what ive seen so far. I liked how this one focused mostly on Shirou

Loved UBW enough to vote Unlimited Love Works, but Zero’s even better.

Rin is my absolute favourite heroine in Fate, so it easy choice.
HF is better in terms of general plot though, as it covers Zouken and Grail, best Kirei and Illya scenes are also here.

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I just rewatched the series recently it’s a lot of fun all the way through and one of my favorite anime. I am personally more of a Baber fan than a Rin fan but there isn’t a particularly good adaptation of the first arc.

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Take Shirou out of it and its actually a decent watch. Every character he happened to be around suffered from degradation in their personality due to him sucking the life and characterization out of everything that breathed, some even straight up acting OOC at times.

It will never compare to Zero in a million years for me.


How did he do that exactly? Just because the characters had a reason to be with him doesn’t mean they are hollow, if anything said characters enhance his story.

You can dislike Shirou but to say he is badly written or he made everyone borings is objectively false.

If anything, this aplies more to Sieg than any other Type Moon MC.

No choice exactly fits me.

It was kind of just another seasonal anime to me.

He might have been well written in the VN but in the anime I didn’t see any of what everyone likes to point out about him. Just an empty husk spattering out philosophy that makes no sense in the grand scheme of things and then getting rewarded for it in the form of a very unsatisfying ending.

I’m not really interested in debating it beyond that, I was just adding the “why” onto my answer to the poll


Yes, the VN is better at portraying Shirou as a character because you miss a lot of the internal dialogue he has but even then, you can still get the point in the anime. He’s a broken person ever since the last Grail War and his ideal is filled with holes and inconsistencies but he accepts that even if it’s bad for him. In spite of this, he’s still a good person, just a very misguided one in how to see life.

Besides, he didn’t get a happy ending in the anime because you can still see him pursuing his ideal even if he’s not going to become Archer. Having said that, if you still think that way we can agree to disagree.

Except instead of doing it alone like Archer, Shirou have Rin with him, so that’s a bittersweet ending imo (more toward the sweet side)

Against all anime in general I’d rate UBW very high. Against other Fate anime it’s still one of the best, but not my favorite. I’d rank the show an 8.5 or 8.8 out of 10. Shirou, Archer and Rin are not faves of mine, so I was already going into the show without anyone to cheer for besides Gilgamesh, Illya and Heracles (#provillains4life). Despite that, the anime is done very well.

I haven’t read the VN so I don’t know how much little nuances are lost in translation. The story to me is done well and was easier to follow than Deen’s Fate route or the UBW movie (granted I was younger when I watched both of those so maybe a rewatch I’d understand better). The battles are great and in terms of overall battle quality I think I like it more than Zero. The music I like better than Zero and the scene with Shirou and Archer while Last Stardust plays might be my favorite key moment in the entire Fate universe so far.

With that said, I enjoyed Zero more and I have a feeling Heaven’s Feel as well as FGOs Babylonia and Camelot animations are going to beat it out (if UBW ranks higher than them it’ll probably be due to lack of surprise). I prefer darker, twisted and mean spirited shows which Zero delivers and I assume HF will as well. Also the thing that allured me to the Fate universe initially was the ‘cold war’ aspect. It’s something I think Zero does well, managing to give focus and flesh out all the characters despite Kiritsugu being the main character. UBW is a Shirou & Rin centered story so you lose that aspect of it imo.

I love UBW but zero definitely takes the cake

Maybe I’m being too nitpicky, but the OP meant the Ufotable series, right? Not the Deen-made one?

But regardless, I didn’t like either of them. After the mature and action-heavy F/zero, Ufotable’s UBW felt really slow paced and boring. I dislike tsunderes, high school setting and edgy emo characters. This show had plenty of the above.
Overall, F/zero = best show, followed by Carnival phantasm.

It’s probably my favorite so far. It really struck a chord with me when it came to the clash between the ideals of Shirou and the cynicism of Archer.

It’s a good anime show, I’d probably rank it around an 7.5 (I often get mixed up on whether it deserves a 7 or an 8) / 10. It’s studio is ufotable, so it’s absolutely no surprise that the animation, cinematography and choreography would be top notch. The story was done pretty solid, with alongside that a likable cast of characters and villains.

Not my favorite out of the ones I’ve seen, though. That would easily be Fate/Zero, an anime that I rank a 9 / 10 regarding both seasons and personally have in my top 5 or 6 favorite anime. Guess that’s because I probably the story and characters in /Zero alot more.

Rin, Saber and Rider were my favorite characters in particular for Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. Sakura’s beginning to grow on me as a character through her portrayals in the Heaven’s Feels movies.

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I think Fate Zero is better.

That first episode is such a punch to the gut after FSN. Every character and servant adds something to the story, it’s almost perfect imo.

Controversial opinion: I think the original FSN is better than UBW in certain areas.

What is original FSN? UBW is one of three parts of FSN.