How much dust have you got from PvP to date?

As all regulars here know, I’m no fan of PvP, but I regularly see people say that the dust is great.

I’ve got 597k from my playing for ETM’s but I’m curious how much dust you can actually get from it. So, just that, since Season 1, how much dust has it racked up for you?

Since Season 1 I have earned 1,894,541 Stardust. I’ve played 1,750 battles.

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I have not hit my one year mark of playing pogo yet, but its coming up in a week or so, but i didn’t really start battling until late November/early December of last year

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Close to 12.5mio. That’s not far away from 1,000 per battle on average.

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The question you should really ask is how much did you spend :wink:

I do not like PvP/GBL that much but I play it to get the ETM. I got nearly 1.8M so far but I think I spend more then double that amount on giving mons a second move or powering things I would never have done as an PvE player.

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That’s exactly what I do, I’ve still got the stock oldschool Azu/Gunfisk/Altaria line-up, because it generally gets me to R20 by the end of the first GL and then I can ignore it for the remaining 2.5 months, bar any quest related requirements. It’s one of the things that put me off PvP is that not only is it not that fun, but I don’t think it’s that efficient as a dust gathering method unless you play it regularly, plus a random rebalance can render that great investment of an ETM and 150k dust just another option at the flick of a niantic switch. But I suppose that’s the point, in the same way that grinding dust by catching is more profitable, if you catch more stuff, but catching Pidgey number 2376 and the 100 dust it brings isn’t exactly the high octane thrill of a lifetime.

I’m surprised I’ve not seen higher figures for dust, albeit only a few people have replied and @stativision has a decent chunk. It does, I have to admit, likely seem to be a solid method of farming dust without leaving the house, plus if you enjoy it, as most seem to, a free way to play over a long period - it certainly lasts longer than the 2 free raid passes.

It stands at 2334k dust out of 2529 battles (1362 victories)

Did not play every season and only play to get the ETM.

Play mostly in ML as I can just get 3 usable PVE mons and don’t need to spend dust on otherwise useless stuff.

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2.9M dust from 2776 battles, 1457 wins. I just dip in and out when I can be bothered and rarely do five sets per day.

I hit level 20 last season and then hit a brick wall. I couldn’t find a team that would get me any higher and I didn’t want to throw dust away on the chance I might make it up to the next level.

GL and ML can be fun. I really dislke UL as that’s where I struggle to get wins compared to the other leagues.

I struggle in any league to get wins…

@Oaf Going in with a lineup like yours only gets me losses… so then I try something else get some wins and am happy. Although stardust is the hardest to get (and to keep :wink:) I now am at that point in the game I have enough stardust to cover my needs even if I spend some on GBL.

2,858 Battles, 1,548 Wins, 2,912,517 Dust earned.
I stick to GL, UL Premier, and the Remixes. Basically avoid ML at all costs

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It can get tough once you get into the higher teens, just because people are more practised and likely have more modern/optimal teams, but as it’s a grinding operation as long as I squeeze out an average of 2 wins per set, I make R20 inside the GL run. I have occasionally had to do a bit of UL, but at least there I can use some of the starters that have a cheap 2nd move cost.

I suspect, as you’re not big on PvP like me, at the moment there’s relatively little need for dust expenditure and so it’s building up. No harm in farming some more trubbish for even more though.

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5200 battles, almost 5mil :star2:

About a 52% win rate (I will dink around a bunch, increasingly so lately, and almost never use meta 'mon). Played it hard early on, less so with the last couple seasons (~750 Season 7, 600 Season 8)
Dust-wise, I sit on about 1mil and have bounced around that number for the last year or so, spending about as much as I get (that’s the point isn’t it?).

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7.5 mili here.

Gotta spend money to make money tho so I’ve pretty much pretty much spent every bit. I’m at 1 million dust rn for the first time since pre-pvp as I’ve kind of ran out of stuff I want to build.

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Dust-wise, I sit on about 1mil and have bounced around that number for the last year or so, spending about as much as I get (that’s the point isn’t it?).

Which is why I’d love to love PvP. I’m sat on 13m dust and no idea what to spend it on because my PvE teams are optimised, at least as far as I can with either current candy locks or simple availability of decent IV candidates. But such is life, I’ll keep finding ways to entertain myself.

I’m really surprised at the figures of dust some people are pulling in, suppose it all adds up over time like everything else.

About 10.5 million, in 10.000 battles, so 1000 on average per battle. Once you get ace+ rank the rewards are very good for playing, and the double dust weeks are amazing to get dust. Every set can get you maximum 15.400 (if 5/0) those weeks, so it’s very profitable. But only if you like pvp to be honest, if not you can entirely avoid this part of the game and be happy. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent much more than 10 million dust in preparing pokemon for GBL

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You wanna blow some dust?!? Play a couple sets, when you figure out common mons people are consistently running build a super spicy team to counter just those mons, you will lose alot but the wins are oh so satisfying lol

I’m close to 11.5 million earned

Total 17679 Games total 27,753,284 which averages to 1570 dust per game

Individually from 1168 to 3593 and 2.3 mil to 4.5 mil ranging from 1250ish a game to 2100ish depending on acct

7.8 million, 936 a battle. Generally sit on about 2 million dust. Almost all I imagine has gone back in to PvP mons. It’s a never ending cycle, always after the next PvP mon. I tell myself that there has to be a finite end and eventually I’ll be able to invest more in PVE mons but it seems a far off goal continually. I’m relatively close to declaring to have every GL mon I might ever want, but that just graduates to UL and ML mons that cost infinitely more.

I thought I stopped spending stardust for GBL last week, at least for now - in return I sat on 800k stardust. Not much for some people, but for me an all time high. Then new season came and i wanted a cofagrigus and double move my better froslass :D