How much have you spent for that one servant?

Last year when Achilles first came out I wanted him so bad and I spent maybe about 300$ ? I try not to think about it lmao because I never ended up getting him… but recently it happened again for the 2020 banner. I thought I should be good I have almost 300 sq saved up right? Well I was wrong, 300 free sq and another 400$ I finally get ONE Gilgamesh, I spent 200 on the first day he was available and then 200 more today. I’m so happy to have finally got him but the hole in my wallet makes me question my choices lol. I told myself though I’m never spending another penny on the game except gssr hah. (Also hokusai spooked me earlier today on 4 yolo tickets sigh if only that was Gil, still super stoked for my first foreigner!) In conclusion though for someone like me 700$ is a ton of money to spend on one game even if its not all at once. How much have you spent?

One more question
I play feh, in that game though summoning has a pity system…
Do you think fgo will ever get a pity system? I doubt it will but I wish it did, at least something so that spending so much money doesn’t feel so dangerous lmao.


USOs are the pity system. Not a very good one, but still a pity system.


Most I spent on getting a servant and actually got them:

Scathach. 5 packs = $400
My first wake up call that I have entered the gacha abyss.

Most I spent on getting a servant and didn’t get them:

Saber Shiki. 10 packs total = $800+
Pure depression. I have moved on from that woman.

Hopefully also FGO implements an actual pity system in the future. Genshin Impact kinda opened my eyes on it being a real nice feeling of knowing I’m going to get something if I roll enough.

USO’s are there but it’s actually the opposite of a pity system mostly, as you have to actually GET 5☆ servants and only after 5 copies of a servant have been acquired.
You get 1, but need 10 to actually cash it in to get a servant, so it’s only a gift to the absolute leviathans of this game and a pipe dream to…well everyone else.


To be fair, I pity anyone with a USO. Not quite the pity anyone wanted, but I give that pity freely.


Most I spent on a servant:

Tamamo no Mae = $500
Now this is an actually interesting question for me. This really is the kind of thing where it can snowball on you in a hurry. I can’t say it wasn’t a move that didn’t result in a lot of results. Got spooked by Jeanne, Anastasia, Osakabehime, etc. But actually getting that fox was a truly insane run.

This if nothing else was a good reminder on being prudent. I don’t really mind this one time since Tamamo is a servant I’ve been trying to get for literal years here. But not something I sensibly intend to follow up on ever again. Now all depends on personal situation and ability to follow-through. But I honestly don’t plan on spending much of anything else on this game besides the minimum needed for those GSSR pulls. I’d say this was more than enough in general. Thankfully there is no one else I want quite that badly. My core servants are set and the future servants I’ve seen are cool, but I can live without them.

I don’t ever expect a true pity system even though I wish there would be one. The USOs are…a thing that exist. I can’t remotely count that as a real pity system since pulling the same 5* that many ridiculous times just isn’t ever going to happen for more than 1% of the player base and that might be an optimistic point of view on it. It was conceptually a decent idea, but they really didn’t think through how utterly impractical it was.


I thought i spent a good amount but it’s nothing compared to the numbers some are mentioning here lol

From what i remember last year i spent around 3 packs for Fujino and 2 for Kiara, that’s the most i’ve ever spent in terms of paid SQs on a single banner. I got both in the end so i didn’t bother to remember the exact amount i spent.

Then there’s the Salem banner in which i burned all my savings but they were all free SQs.

A pity in this game would make our life incredibly easier, i’ll mention Genshin Impact since that’s currently the only other gacha game i’m playing besides FGO but saving there actually guarantees getting the character you want… i can’t even imagine something like that in FGO. Of course it’ll never happen and i’m fine going on like this, i’m already used to the salt.


I spent $600 for Mordred, didn’t get her got NP2 Skadi instead


Honestly, I rarely spend a lot of money while aiming for one servant. For example, on the current banners, I spent over $350 (two big packs, two smaller packs, one small pack to round it out), but I have spread those around three banners (plus the GSSR), and it resulted it Beni, Gil, NP2 Hokusai, and GSSR Ikandar, so it wasn’t so bad, and I don’t plan on pulling for anything with SQs until the summer banners (and even then, I probably won’t buy any pack and instead hold on until Space Ishtar), so I deemed it acceptable.

Now then, as for the most money I have spent on a single banner, that was about $400 during the first summer rerun. I missed the event the first time around, so I both saved up and splurged for Archuria, but she didn’t come home.
Funnily enough though, I later bought a big pack for the Dead Heat Race summer banners, and that one pack gave me NP2 Summer Umu, NP2 Nobuzerker, Summer Fran, and Maid Alter.
I have also spent quite a lot of money on last year’s summer banner, thought not that much.


I’ve read too many salt threads to ever be goaded into buying sq for anything other than GSSR. Sometimes two tickets is enough to catch your dream target, and sometimes 400+ sq (in my experience, or 1600 sq in others) still isn’t enough to catch them.

Anniversary was my biggest single banner expenditure (400 free sq) and nothing but spooks (but a lot of spooks). From summer to LB3 I had absolutely insane luck with rate ups (often with the higher rarity than I was aiming for) with much less investment than the anniversary. And for new years I literally got nothing but CE’s in 200 sq.

You win some, you lose some.


I appreciate your pity :wink:


around 120 free sq for ruler martha and gorgon. Seeing people spend hundreds and not getting the servants they dont want is sad


I was tempted by the GSSR once again but was able to suppress it, so I’m still F2P. The most I’ve spent and was successful was for Gil during last year’s Thanksgiving banner where I think I used 240 quartz for 1 copy.


Summer Jeanne’s Arrival Banner.

I had saved up all my Quartz in anticipation of her arrival ; roughly around 6 months of savings.

and I didn’t even get her ONCE.

I was so desperate to get her that I event spent over 200$ on top of my entire savings and then I finally got her, after something around 900 Saint Quartz.

That was my worst FGO experience ever. And I do not wish for anyone else to ever go to this point.


I usually try to not spend more than 300 on any one banner but I’ve spent 500 or so (i forget exactly) trying to get Melt and failing. The Queen of killing my wallet is still Scatach at well over 1k since her first banner to have finally this year have gotten her to NP1.


It’s a pity that Genshin’s pity system is relatively unknown by non-players considering how great it is at curbing bad pulling luck. Looking at FGO’s summoning system in comparison…yikes. A lot of peple criticize(d) Genshin’s 0.6% 5* base rate without factoring the pity - with it, the rate is ~1.6 and with a lot less players screwed by bad luck.

There wasn’t a single f2p person on my friend’s list who didn’t have at least 1 5* within ~6 weeks of playing Genshin. The vast majority have pulled 2-3 by now and the luckiest have 5-6. This is exactly what a pity system should do.


Yep. Genshin’s system isn’t the best compared to other gacha games I’ve seen, but it’s a lot better than others like FGO. One of the major perks of it’s summoning system is that your rolls carry over between banners, so if you kinda have an itch to get another copy of a character and don’t get them, you didn’t really waste any currency as it carries the guarantee count higher for the next 5☆ that comes out after.

But yeah, it’s nice seeing people being able to save and know when they get enough currency they can be certain they’ll get the character they’ve been waiting for.

Lately, it’s honestly made me feel like not pulling as much in FGO as I used to. Still going to, but not multiple copies of servants like before. I’ve toned down my list to about 4 SSR’s being a target, and more of my gacha spending on Genshin.

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I’m f2p (rolled 3 GSSR so far tho).

My 3 top servants I’ve spent more so far are:

1- Yu Mei-ren. I spent 1k sq and 90 tickets for her, only got 4 copies (got 6 copies of QSH, funny joke from gacha).
2- Katsushika Hokusai. I spent 850 sq and 96 tickets, lucky me I got her in the last roll.
3- Ishtar (FGO JP). I’ve spent roughly ~700 sq and ~50 tickets across 3 banners without luck.


I spent 530SQ + 240$ and just barely got a single copy of Okita Alter (with zero SSR spooks in the process)

And I don’t remember how much exactly, but i definitely spent over 1000SQ across Illya’s and Lancer Altria’s initial banners alone, and never got a single SSR. Still don’t have either of them.

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Skadi was around 800sq
BB was $300.00 plus additional 30sq
Musashi wasn’t bad just 400 something sq
Those were the wins and the most I had spent prior to Christmas not counting the numerous sq i have bought for farming/revive.

Fails : qsh over $1000.00…painfully close to 1500
Benni/ tamamo lil over $400.00 …
Jalter $375 because all I had left not even a spook.
I give up spending now though seriously that was finsl straw. Financially screwed for a few weeks now and my account will prob never recover from that stupid decision… looking over Google play receipts … kinda want to cry. Kinda deserved it to be honest because I did need an eye opener.


Damn im really sorry about shiki, actually after the first 200 on gil I was like u know what I dont need him >:0 but then i couldn’t resist lol but its always so hard when there’s that little voice that says just one more. I’m glad I stuck it out for gil cuz I love the character but sheesh I never wanna do that again, its way too stressful lmao.

And yeah im not quite sure what the pity system is for Genshin but for Fire Emblem heroes after 5 summons the rate increases by a respectable amount and some banners even have it where if you summon 40 times you get to pick one of the 5☆ for free (even if you already summoned them)

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