How Much Longer Must We Wait?

So I’ve been hiding over in the FGO forum where it’s quieter, since I play that too. But I needed to drop in here and ask the most important question. I have played Heroes since release and the same question has been uppermost in my mind for that entire duration.

IS, Nintendo, how long must we wait until our lord and savior joins the game???

Vanessa, when?

Let me know your thoughts


Sacred Stones needs more love that isn’t another Eirika/Ephraim alt.

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Vanessa may actually be the single character I care about least in this series. Honestly. I didn’t use Pegasus Knights as a whole, and she just seemed boring to me.

That’s a good point though.

Vanessa even less than some random pre-promote that never gets deployed anyway? A stiff judgment, but one I can respect.

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Honestly, I’m astounded at the amount of love to Thracia era games when a lot of the SS cast is still not in the game at all. Not that I’m mad about Mareeta. She utterly broke my playthrough of Thracia

Uhhhhhhhhh, I’ve never played Thracia, but this astounding love you talk about is something I’ve definitely missed


I came here because I thought this thread was about Mafia


But about SS, I agree, there should be a banner for it soon, hopefully, but I really don’t care if Vanessa is in it, I just want Cormag, Ross, Gerik, or Gilliam, even if I know I’m only getting two or maybe three at most(possibly none)

I sincerely apologize.

I would never make a mafia thread that didn’t declare itself

I mean, it’s not like there are a majority of the Thracia cast, but Leif, Finn, multiple Olwens, multiple Reinhardts, Mareeta, Nanna, Ishtar, Lewyn, Julius… There’s a good chunk of characters.

Although I think they missed some of the better ones. Super happy about Mareeta though

Sacred Stones and Thracia are around the same in terms of how many characters are in the game versus how many characters are in Heroes, but Thracia is doing a bit worse than SS

Ross and Cormag when, IS?


Colm and Neimi too. And Ewan of course. And Saleh, and Gerik, lots of great characters in that game.

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Sacred Stones definitely has more characters than Thracia right now. But that’s in large part due to the number of Eirika and Ephraim units.

What surprises me about the number of Thracia units is that Thracia was one of the least played games in the series, but it’s still getting relatively good representation. Although maybe not with the units I would choose.


I want Neimi, but I’m afraid of how she’ll end up


You helped me notice I spelt Saleh wrong… Thanks! I fixed it.

Ok, I may be missing something but Thracia has 6 unique characters in the game, not counting Fallen Mareeta who is technically an alt, while SS has 13 unique characters in the game

I’d personally rather SS get the banner, but saying that Thracia is getting near the same amount of love as SS is pushing it a little bit, in my opinion

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Not to be rude, but
Who is Vanessa?