How much QP from 40AP Doors?

So title is self-explanatory. Trying to decide whether it’s more worth to run parking lot.

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Average 900k~1.1 mil QP per run

Ah okay, thank you~!

Up to an outstanding, remarkable, incredibly relevant and obviously worthy of a post ~300K variation depending on your exact bonus though (so mostly an excuse to link this drop data for the future).

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Depending on your luck and CE. Lowest I got is 1.1 m while highest is 2.5 m. Still waiting for Bella Lisa to be released…

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Yeah, I was more just looking for what was typical since I wanted to see whether to run that or parking lot in KnK.

I have been getting below 1m several times in a row even with Mona Lisa on a support, I feel cheated now :fgo_badciv:


He was probably using his own MLB mona Lisa and a supports. Lowest i ever got using both was. 1m. Never went lower. Most ive ever gotten was 2.6m… Screenshots back then weren’t even a figment of my imagination…

Personally, in between rushing Shimousa, I have been doing Parking Lot for QP with two spawn rate CEs. I have +3 bonus on the Black Cats, so i land 103 Black Cats per run, with amounts to a consistent 1,030,000 QP per 20 AP (or 2,060,000 QP per 40 AP), with no deviation, mind you.

Even when I was at +2 bonus, I scored 88 Black Cats per run; equating to 880,000 QP per 20 AP (which is 1,760,000 QP per 40 AP).

Yes, it takes longer due to the doubled spawn, but in my opinion, it is worth having a consistent run, rather than blowing 40 AP and relying on RNG to throw wildly varying amounts of QP at you.

I’ve gotten 900k plenty of times, I usually only get around 1.1M. I occasionally get over 2M when I’m lucky :sweat:

I haven’t. That only happened if i miss clicked and didn’t include the support MLB Mona Lisa. It hasn’t happened to me yet otherwise…

Yeah idk how those drops work, just for point of reference, before asking this question I decided to do a few door runs and I got 1.1M every single time. Since that’s what I was consistently getting I figure the 1.76M from 2 parking lot runs that I got would be more worthwhile.

Fair enough. I didn’t get any 5* Cat CE’s so I couldn’t farm KnK Rerun for QP…

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