How much speed is enough speed for a galeforce + heavy blade set today?

For a little context, I use a cavalry team with legendary eirika, and summer cordelia as may galeforce users, and assume the both have lull atk/spd as their B skill. I’ll omit other possible factors for now.


How much speed is enough?



i think this should be QnA

anyways near the early 40 to mid 40 range usually

How much speed is enough speed for a galeforce + heavy blade set today?

Heavy Blade is related to attack not speed sooo…

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They still want to double though


true true

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So, would you say giving characters with base speed in the high 30s an attack boon/atk refine is fine as long as they can be merged/dragonflowered into the early to mid 40s before accounting for swift sparrow?

If you’ve got slaying weapons to spare, those + Desperation will grant you more consistent Galeforce procs since you won’t need to constantly mind bulk.

As for Spd, anything above 45 is a solid start.

that’ll do
You can also always check the unit builder to see what the stats would be like once fully merged to see if it’s worth the investment

Around 48+ (including in combat buffs) maybe a little lower imo, doubling is important and a lot of units are really fast nowadays

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You say ~48 with in combat buffs? I guess I’m at a fairly comfy point by your standards then.
My legendary Eirika with atk boon at 43 speed after merges with a swift sparrow sacred seal putting her at 47 when initiating passes muster?

They could also be using a flier or a Cavalry unit, since both of them can’t get flashing Blade

50+ imo


assuming no spd debuffs on enemy, 50+ without visible buffs.

50 means they’ll double on 90% of their targets.

45 means they’ll double on 50% of their targets.

40 means they won’t double.


Depends on if they have access to blessings

But like without blessings then 45 spd is a good area before any skills and buffs/debuffs.

There’s never enough ofc, but below like 40 is too low