How much will Crabhammer improve Kingler and Crawdaunt?

Just curious. The move being able to be learnt at this upcoming Water Festival caught my eye. It made me wonder if those two might become viable somewhere somehow?

We won’t know for sure until the stats for the move are added to the Game Master. If Crab Hammer is good, Kingler will essentially become the Gengar of water-types. If its mediocre, then nothing really changes.

Interesting. And Crawdaunt?

Crawdaunt would likely be a worse Kingler in most regards. More HP but lower ATK/DEF.

If Crabhammer is a Hydro Cannon clone (which it is unlikely to be), Kingler would have a neutral DPS of 17.669, which is 11% higher than Kyogre’s 15.91. A Hydro Pump clone would give Kingler a neutral DPS of 13.827, compared to 14.23 for Gyarados and 13.504 for Floatzel.

It’s a very powerful move in the main series, i could honestly see it being a Wild Charge clone.

Aside for hitting for a high chunk of base damage, the original move has a high critical hit ratio. It’s not impossible they will introduce critical hits, but I think if they were to tack on a secondary effect for PvP then we’d probably get a boost to attack.

At the moment, I’m realistically envisioning it to be a Skull Bash clone, with an attack boost instead of a defense boost for PvP, which would perform slightly better than Hydro Pump in PvE. I hope to be surprised with something a little better than that.

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Crabhammer’s stats are known and it’s really good, catapulting Kingler to the top of the water DPS chart:

TDO isn’t great, but it’s basically the water-type Gengar as some have theorised.

In PvP it’s pretty solid too. 75 power for 50 energy, with a 1/8 chance to boost attack by 2 stages.


Looks like GP just updated the database. Crawduant now occupies the number 3 spot:

Pretty bad TDO, unless the Dark typing is of benefit.

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Good lord that’s juicy.

*jealousy over fiancee's hundo Kingler intensifies*
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I’ve been holding onto one since March…2017! He’s finally getting his day.


I have a hundo kingler and now its actually worthy to put in the 100% show off thread XD

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Hooray for our crustaceans!!

I hope this means that Niantic has something planned for future water starter CD’s though. One of the reasons I saw floating around about Torchic’s CD was how Blaze Kick was nerfed to get more people interested participating to get Blast Burn.

Would suck to see future (and past) water starters ignored because of this.

well i guess i’m glad i never transferred the 15/14/15 & 15/14/13 (x2) krabbies i have.

crawdaunt on the other hand…transferred at least 3-4 96% and above…fml…

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Not complaining about Kingler finally getting a good move and thus becoming relevant, but it’s kind of strange from Niantic to make such an OP move, that only 2 species can get (Clawitzer will probably get it too), to the point that it outclasses the current top legendary and all exclusive TM water starters. On top of that, it’s TM-able and not time-limited. Sure, Origin pulse will come, but it’s a very strange decision considering how they handled things in the past.

Now I do wonder what they’ll do with Octazooka, although due to both Octillery and Kingdra not having high attack stats(both under 200), the move would need to be insanely good to make a dent in the raiding scene. Acid spray 2.0?

Double checking, can a TM be used to learn Crabhammer? I’m assuming so, and I have a hundo Kingler that is finally worth powering up.

from what i’ve read on reddit, it is TM’able

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yes, it’s been added to the regular moveset. No exlusive TM bs this time


Thanks. And that was potentially the fastest reply I’ve ever seen on GamePress

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lmao funny thing is i’m almost never logged on here, but in my frenzy to figure out whether or not the 3 krabbies with monster IVs i’ve saved are worthwhile, i left the tab open for once :rofl: