How my Badass Mercenary Commander Got Struck by Dr. DoofenSystem’s Baby-Inator (@dimitrisnoodlehair and 4.6k Orbs vs. Duo Ike Ft. Baby Waluigi :feh_ikeheated:)


Hey all, Noodles here :catwave: Many of you may know me as one of GP’s resident Ike simps and having a misleading name. I’ve been saving up F2P orbs for a while in hopes of Ike getting his duo alt… and now, that has happened.

First, a short story because I was bored and wanted to try to write something interesting:


It was November 2021. The ninja banner had just released, bringing with it Shamir, Igrene, Shinon, Male Corrin, and… V!Mist meal Female Corrin+Elise.
The duo/harmonic pattern… brought off balance.

It was then that I realized…

Literally just post FEH/FE memes here - Part 11 - #954 by dimitrisnoodlehair

…they’re going to do my worst fear for Duo Ike instead of the Blue Summer Duo dream aren’t they?

Meanwhile at IS HQ…

IS boss: “Quick! We need to come up with our Duo Ike! He’s one of the strongest lords in the series and he’s got quite a wide appeal both inside and out of the FE series for being strong and badass! How the hell are we supposed to market his duo alt???”

IS employee: “I have just the thing!”


IS boss: “gasp oh my god you are a fking genius!!! I need to give you employee of the month!! Using this on him is the absolute best way to bring out his main appeal for his duo alt!! But what weapon should we give him?”

IS employee: “How about another sword, since Ike really doesn’t have enough of those in our game and we need to sell more infantry sword powercreep??”

IS boss: “holy shii forget just employee of the month I’m giving you a full prrromotion!!”

Flash forward to April 2022, and Duo Ike is revealed exactly as I feared, and colorsharing as well. :feh_lilinadistress: But at least I like Mia and she also has a good B slot he could use have very mixed feelings about her statline compared to his though.
Also seeing as I had all the Ikes at +10 before, which includes his 4 previous sword alts, this will mark my fifth deep dive into red hell. :catlie:

In the words of a certain upside-down schemer king… “It may not be what I had hoped for… but it’s time to move forward, right?” :feh_claudesmugger:

So here we are.

Stash on trailer night/chain challenge grind

The night of the reveal, this was my stash:

Then on Tuesday, I grinded the remainder of the Chain Challenges/Squad Assaults I had left (everything Book 4 Chapter 7 onward, including paralogues released after then).
Here’s the Before amount:

And the After amount:
Had a total of 242 orbs sitting in the bank for this moment :feh_catorbs:

And now, the final stash before diving in (this is the last orb picture I swear):

Without further ado, the results of going to the very depths of Red Hell and back to pick up some toddlers from Thórr’s daycare:

Red Hell Deep Dive Number Five (Notable Moments, also LONG warning)

First things first, we need to pull our inner Mr.Krabs and set up a summoning circle @_Help_Me I blame you for this

And now we can let the summoning truly begin :feh_orbpat: Orbs, it was nice knowing you, but this was the main cause I had saved you for.
This was a long summoning session that lasted almost 3 hours, so I’ll try to keep it to only the most notable moments instead of posting every screenshot of a 5* (there were a ton). There will be a list of every 5* I pulled later in this post.

Off to a good start with second summon Baby Soren :feh_nino:

I blame Seiken’s presence in our Discord VC for this 4* Special Edelgard :feh_edelsmug: (We had a few GP members watching a stream on Sugar’s Discord server, including Sugar herself, Reality, Seiken, Almond, and NPCLucario and it was pretty fun :feh_nino: )

The first few copies of the hungry toddler and some Atk/Def Menace food I was looking for :catclap:

And up next the spark, who other than the baby boy himself? :fgo_ereshlove:

The second copy came soon after:

After this began a long stretch of pain… :feh_morganagrom:
178 pulls with no Ikes :upside_down_face:
But that stretch of pain also brought us…

Ike :feh_sigurdeyes:

And one pull afterward…

Back-to-back Greg Chun braves :feh_flaynyay:

But yeah in that 178 pulls of pain with no toddler Ikes, there were 5 Baby Mias :fgo_casgilworry:

Until on roll 243, the baby boy finally returned :feh_flaynyay:

Pulls 257, 276, 299, and 315 brought more baby boys before Mia came back on pull 329 :feh_flaynyay:

A very welcome off-focus since I hadn’t pulled any ascendants, so I was stuck with the free floret until now.

Then after this, another baby boy on pull 367

Then came 4 Baby Mias in quick succession (bringing the total to 10 Mias) :fgo_deadinside:
Then a drought of focus units for a short bit, but during that drought, Luc changed his IGN to “Luck 4 nyoom” (without my knowledge lmao) and something wack happened

4 5* back-to-back, and one of them was Ronan, who I have been looking for for so long to give Swift Stance 3 to L!Ike? :feh_barstpog:

And then 5 rolls later…

B!Dimitri pops up, and he’s one of my merge projects so I’m super pumped about that. Will finish him later this month and having one less copy to pull is always nice

A short while later, Seiken had to leave the VC, and just after he did…

Enough Mias to +10 :catburn: At this point I was at just 3 Ikes left…

Fortunately another Ike popped up 4 pulls later!

2 left at this point and we’re 444 pulls deep :catroll:

Another Mia popped up on roll 459 :feh_tailtiudeadinside:

What a large-chested circle :eyes:

Pull 501, thank Naga, there’s only one left

And then 12 rolls later, the final Ike appeared, thus ending the Deep Dive into Red Hell

Thank goodness it was all over :feh_lilithpray:

Started with 4,663 orbs, and ended with 2,340, so I spent 2,323. Almost about as much as V!Ike took me back when he released :upside_down_face:

Summoning Summary


By pull number:
2: Baby Soren (+HP -def)
10: Edelgard (neutral)
29: Drunk F!Morgan (-atk +res)
35: Catherine (+spd -def)
41 (Spark): Duo Ike (neutral)
65: Duo Ike (-atk +def)
73: Baby Mia (+Atk -Spd)
82: 5* Baby Ilyana (+atk -spd)
84: Baby Mia (-Atk +res)
107: Charlotte (+HP -Def)
115: 5* Baby Ilyana (-def +res)
124: Nah (+HP -Spd)
127: Osian (+HP -Res)
135: Shamir (+Atk -Spd)
157: 5* Baby Ilyana (-Spd +res)
166: M!Kris (-Def +res)
169: Lysithea (+Spd -res)
177: B!Ike (+Atk -spd)
178: B!Ephraim (-Spd +res)
181: 5* Baby Ilyana (-atk +def)
187: Baby Mia (-HP +Spd)
201: Lyn (+atk -res)
224: Baby Mia (+HP -Spd)
230: Drunk M!Morgan (+Spd -res)
232: Baby Mia (+atk -res)
239: Lene (+HP -Spd)
240: Larcei (-Spd +res)
242: Galzus (-Atk +def)
243: Duo Ike (+HP -Spd)
257: Duo Ike (+HP -Atk)
260: Luke (-HP +Res)
276: Duo Ike (-HP +Atk)
299: Duo Ike (-Spd +Def)
310: Ayra (-Spd +Res)
315: Duo Ike (+spd -res)
329: Baby Mia (-HP +res)
332: Lilith (-Atk +Def)
351: A!Mareeta (-Spd +Def)
358: Baby Tiki (+spd -res)
367: Duo Ike (-HP +Def)
372: Melady (+def -res)
373: Baby Mia (-atk +res)
379: Mareeta (-atk +res)
380: Celica (+atk -res)
386: Baby Mia (+HP -def)
389: Flier Olivia (-Spd +res)
391: Baby Mia (-HP +Def)
394: Baby Mia (-atk +res)
408: Phina (-HP +def)
421: Lysithea (+HP -res)
422: Catherine (-HP +res)
423: Ronan (+atk -spd)
424: Karla (+Atk -res)
429: B!Dimitri (+HP -Def)
434: Malice (+HP -def)
440: Baby Mia (+Spd -Def) (the 11th copy)
444: Duo Ike (-Def +Res)
459: Baby Mia (+Spd -HP)
462: Brave Marth (+Atk -res)
469: Flier Olivia (+Spd -res)
475: B!Lysithea (-Spd +Def)
479: Shannan (-HP +def)
480: A!Camilla (+Atk -Spd)
492: Ingrid (-HP +def)
501: Duo Ike (-Def +res)
506: Sigurd (+HP -res)
513: Duo Ike (-atk +def)

Orbs spent: 2,323

Notable merges

And now for the war criminal himself:

Still in the process of having him learn all the skills I gave him, might give him Spurn from B!Marth at some point, and maybe a Menace but I have little fodder for it. But he still hits like a truck :eyes:

As for Mia, I don’t feel like leveling her now but once I do I’ll show her here if you all are interested

And with that, I can still say I have all the Ikes at +10 again :fgo_ereshlove:

But man red hell sucks and that session was pain :catlie: IS if you release another Ike can you please be creative and not make him red and colorsharing?

Extras For Fun

Also when you level him up or give DFs, Mist is so small that she gets obscured by the levelup box lmao

Think that’s about it. While the duo Ike we got wasn’t what I wanted him to be at all and summoning for him was 2,323 orbs of pure hell, he’s still cute and fun to play around with. :feh_sylvainlove: now to save for the next, hopefully blue, Ike in like 2024 or something lmao
I’ll be back a few times later this month to dive into blue hell two separate times to finish my B!Hector and B!Dimitri merges, so be on the lookout for that if you’re interested. :feh_hector:

I’d like to thank the orb thread for saving along with me and for being fun to hang around with, you guys rock :feh_annettehug: And if you read this far, I also thank you. Hope you all have a great day! :feh_faedance:




The best boy :slight_smile:



Best outcome occurred but the way there was pain

Congrats though Noodles :catclap:


Love you Noodles, bestie
That baby looks pretty


Eyy congrats Noodles!


Congratulations!!! :)

And that’s how orb saving is done, folks!


Congrats Noodles! Even though it took a lot of orbs, it was achieved. :feh_flaynyay:

I’m jealous of that Mia, not gonna lie ; she’s so adorable. :catroll:

Ah well, I’ll have to live with her +10 OG self. :feh_legion_miso:


Congrats on finishing best boy (and his equally best sis)! Thank goodness it went well. That Mia post had me worried for a second.


2k orbs for 2x +10 swordies and some merges for your project. I think it went pretty well!

Grats noodles!


That was an adventure.

there is very little more epic than fictional baby war-crimin’


congrats on your :b:lue haired :b:oy but I need to know


It’s Mia.


Haha, you survived Red Hell! Not that there was any doubt. You are an Orb Saint afterall.

Anywhoo, jokes aside, congrats! The baby looks awesome! Now, go forth and commit war crimes as Thórr intended! :feh_flaynfire:


Also, I caught da baby in training lol

Was just browsing me friend list cause why not and found Noodles. Or rather player “Red is hell”


yeah that’s me lmao also he should be updated with his full build now




Finally +10 War Criminal Ike!

Congratulations on completing him and getting your Greg Chun Emblem completed! Even got a Ronan and other things you wanted!

And Baby Mialuigi +10 jumpscarJumpstart. Sad IS was uncreative with their stats but that’s the Godsword curse<. At least she’s cute and strong.

Sad he’s exactly what you didn’t what him to be but at least Duo Ike is OP and he’ll do amazingly well for you! Baby Ike acts like PoR and RD Ike so have fun destroying the powercreeps!

You fought Red Hell 4 or 5 times and came out victorious! :feh_dimitrisalute:

Harmonic Summer Ike with Ephraim as an OP blue mage or we riot and overthrow IS if he’s another Sword user.

And he better be as strong as/more stronger than Baby Ike too.




Glad to see that you got your smol Ike done. Way to go! :fgo_jeannecheer: :catclap:


Hell yeah Noodles! Man that red hell color sharing summoning nightmare was hard to watch, but you got your baby Ike plus you still have more orbs than most people here after all that lmao :feh_catorbs:


a gift