How rare/difficult is it to obtain 4* fou's

So they’ll be introduced in the rashomon rerun and from the looks of it we get only 8. How often will i come across these fou’s? Will all future events offer these? Will they be included in the mana prism shop? Is it possible to get them off the fp gacha?


Even in JP version, I don’t see them in Rare Prism or Mana Prism shop, so i assume you just roll for them in FP. To say nothing of the 5* Embers that will eventually come in the future… I’m salivating for those.

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they’re in the rp shop
they cost 3 rp
and golden fous only increase your stats by 20…


So does this mean I must sacrifice all of my other servants to power up one?

Can you give me more details on these 5* embers please?

When will they reach NA, how do we get them, and such?

I thought the 4* fou’s could only be used for stats going over 1000…

I don’t have much information since I’ve been playing on JP Server for less than 3 weeks.

They show up randomly when you roll the FP Summon. And they’re like the normal ones only more exp. I’ll see if i can’t get another one and I’ll see how much Exp they give.

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But they cost rare prisms, so…

Yeah i haven’t gotten one in FP so i assume they’re for Whales.

They give 3x more xp than the 4* ones (i think). Each jump in ember rarity usually gives 3x more.

Many thanks

Ouch… 4* Fou’s do indeed cost 3 RP’s and you can only get 1 of ea HP/ATK per month… talk about a high way robbery along with limited availability… they must be available for buying in events… otherwise even whales would have a hard time maxing out 2000 HP/ATK on their Servants.

As to the 5* Embers… just my luck but i managed to get a 5* ALL Ember. 97200 Exp. And right from the FP Gacha. Took three tries to get just one, though i remember rolling two of them in a single roll but those were definite classes… Caster and Assassin i believe.


basically events have them yea
anywhere from 2 of each-4 of each (with summer 2017 giving alotttttt more)
basically you’re gonna need a yr to max your servants’s fou stats
they also mostly cost 200 of the currency
and the gold one usually sells 2

5 star exp can appear(4 star too) at random in the fp gacha
any class,
and 5 star gives 3x the exp 4 star does

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the rare prism shop gold Fous are essentially bonuses, similiar to the monthly RP shop crystallized lore. events should give a steady stream, but it will still take a long while to fully 2000/2000 max any single unit (like, to my knowledge, if you played JP since gold Fous were introduced and got all the non-RP shop ones, you’d only have 2 servants fully Fou maxed right now)


Think of them as even rarer Grails. To max out a servant to +2000 you essentially need 12.5 events (4 each per event, so + 80, 2000/80 = 12.5), which translates to 7-8 months per servant you want to max out. Unless you’re a whale and can afford those in the RP shop, but they’re so horrendously expensive that even whales avoid them from what I hear.

So basically, they’re for your absolute favorite servant only. Don’t expect to have enough to spread them out much.

Future game content hasn’t been designed with 2K Fou units in mind, so it’s not like you need your units fully maxed to stay relevant.

Golden Fous are, indeed, yet another sign of love for your favorite unit.
Show off you level 100, 10/10/10, 2K Fou servant. Those are the real legends.

Then we’ll also get Command Codes to boot.

@Majestaat So how do those Command Codes work? I have a few from FP but can you get them anywhere else in higher rarity? I found it ridiculous that all of a sudden we could metagame harder with them. Not that I’m complaining necessarily, just more work. I almost want to quit JP version and just go back to NA exclusively xD

You can get higher rarity command codes from events, but I’m not sure how limited the supply is per event.

1 of each of the new one per event
Not sure about reruns

tbh, I’m fairly certain the game hasn’t ever been designed with any Fou statting in mind

I’ve used lots of non-Fou’d units that still fared perfectly well, so gold Fous are like a bonus on top of a bonus