How’s your Arena season going?

Alrighty, I’ve been participating in the Aether Raids thread with a similar title and it’s been nice talking to others about how they did. I noticed that there wasn’t an active thread about Arena, and figured it was time to change that. Yeah, Arena is less complicated than AR. Sure, it has dumb scoring rules. Yes, score fishing is annoying. But it’s still a good mode, and it’s still very competitive! So, please use this thread to discuss everything Arena: what units you use, how you built them, how your run has gone so far, and of course, any anecdotes!

I’ll kick things off: I’m currently T21 and trying to stay in each week, which happens for me most of the time. However, I have to say it’s getting rough with all the Ninja Lyns, Duo Micaiahs, Duo Byleths, and other ridiculous offensive units running around in there. I’ve used my Fire season team with two of my go-to Arena units, Duo Ephraim and Y!Marth, my Fire Legendary, L!Celica, and my highest-merged (+3) bonus unit, Reginn. Builds below:

As you can see, I like Time’s Pulse quite a bit. Duo Ephraim is still waiting on Ruptured Sky fodder, but otherwise folks are pretty set other than the trickle of Dragonflowers being so slow. I might give Reginn a proper Arena build since she will be in the rotation and is super mobile, which I love!

Anyway, I did my first streak of 5 for the week, where I try enough to probably stay in T21 and see how it looks later in the week to decide whether to fish for a better score or not. This time took about 35 or so matches, which is pretty low, to get 5 matches at base score before bonus KO of 752, with a max of 756. Usually that’s enough but some weeks vary.

It went pretty smoothly, not too much fishing and only a couple of losses along the way. Reginn’s Canto (3) is ridiculously useful, and when it’s past turn 4, it feels like that feeling of the speeded walkways in airports when they end and all your visual flow suddenly slows. Depending on who’s the third red unit on the Legendary banner, I may go for more merges on Reginn and Plumeria and do some more Arena runs.


Cant wait till the thread dies cause “aReNa iS gArbAge aNd aR iS wAy bEtTeR sO nOoNe pLaYs aReNa


This thread should also be for all the coliseum modes than just arena. :feh_maethink:
I dont think ill stay in t21 unless I lucksack reginns and im not spending feathers for Caellach that I need for Ninja Hana.

I have legendaries in my cores but as you can see im still stuck with 2017 units, holding me back from staying in t21 consistently.




Well I don’t think this’ll see as much use as the AR thread but that’s ok. Still useful :fgo_ereshwoah:

Anyways my core for the moment




But when it’s wind season my core changes up a bit, because Marth is stuck on light blessing and Norne is stuck on Astra basically.

Corrin (replaces Marth)

Caeda (replaces Norne)

The wind season team scores exactly the same (if the bonus unit is wind blessed) but it’s so much easier to work with (L!Corrin carries, and I just love using Caeda no matter what lol). But the wind season team has more room to grow as well, Corrin could get merges, Caeda could get r duel flying, she could get any tier 4 a or c slot, then I’d change the seal.

Catria’s just chillin. Even tho she’s useless 90% of the time. Yes that’s sword breaker you’re not hallucinating. It’s her only job aside from guiding around. She fails sometimes against swordies still lmao.


It’s a T21 season for me and since I have no chance of staying no matter what I do, I’m just having fun this week :feh_flaynfish:


I’ll play it when it’s the last day lol. I think am gonna drop to T19, team is W!Felix, L!Alm+1, Bartre+10 and Caeda+10water. Fine by me.

Resonant and Allegiant battles are the only modes that are enjoyable for me (esp. if H!Tiki is allowed)


If it’s Wind season, I guess there’s no need for R!Duel? I remembered that I tried Loki with the duel skill on and off, same element as pair up hero, same score.


Yeah, when floating T20.5, on the loss weeks, it’s fun to see what kind of shenanigans you can get up to. So much less stressful than trying to stay in T21 with a weak Legendary like I do on earth/wind season. I’m really hoping L!Grima (and M!Grima) get a refine soon!


No the BST only affects Corrin. I just don’t have r duel lol

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I think your Catria is a lot like my L!Grima. She can win fights now and again that I wouldn’t expect, but against the crazy meta units, she has to be very careful or just avoid them altogether.

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Are duel skills also applicable to Allegiance Battles?


Maybe we should create one another day.


Yeah I should think so, given it uses the same scoring.

Chances are that what happened was the extra points from Loki weren’t enough to raise the team’s points. She would need 8 points to raise the team by 2, so the duel didn’t give her that, and it scored the same

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I’m gonna test this again, as I am reliant on the pair-ups to give substantial scoring boosts for my arena team. Will update when the Allegiance Battles rolls around

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If I was already in T21 this would actually mean something… but getting into T21 is 10x easier than staying in it, I also haven’t really been bothered to stay in T20, so no crown


Oh btw how much are you scoring this week Vader? :fgo_mordredthink:

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I missed a kill with Hilda do to AI stupid movements and Hilda being an Armored without a movement skill, tho


I think I have a good chance of earning my seventh Arena crown. I refuse to use Rallies in Arena because it’s too annoying to move my Tiki otherwise (especially when L-Chrom, L-Azura, and L-Dimitri exist with their ridiculous movement shenanigans), so typically I T19.5 bounce and only try for T21 during Earth season if I have a good bonus unit.

Armor March helped this time but running two blue armors when there are L-Chroms and B-Edelgards everywhere is a pain. L-Dimitri with his Atrocity and DR was also annoying, but Felix being ranged and Dimitri’s lack of DC every time I ran into him made him a bit easier to deal with.


Going pretty well I’d say. Who’d have thought a +10 Holly Jolly Hilda is a much easier bonus unit to use than a +1 L!Dimitri? Didn’t have to fish for score, which is really appreciated since I used a ton of crests the past few weeks.

Hilda build for anyone curious. Flowers because 1) she deserves them, and 2) L!Julia kept surviving her by 1 HP


It’s not Water season, so I’m having fun.

My team’s scoring a bit low to maintain T21, so I’ll probably have to swap blessings to Fire for Harmonic Altina and Idunn, since my Fire legends score better than my Earth ones. 3810 is enough to say I’m maintaining now, but there’s no way that lasts. Really, I’m starting to feel like maybe I should just accept demotion if I don’t have a merged bonus unit, since the constant fishing for good scores is just too tedious.

Arena Assault I think put me just slightly too low for top 1k. 5308. I’ll probably have to do it again. Which is a pain. But hey, at least it’s not Water season!