How’s your Arena season going?

Good selection of 3-4* bonus units. :feh_hridexcited:


I had the chance to build Echidna, but I edned up.doing N!Hana instead. Alfonse season again it is I guess, this’ll suck.


Nice, I have a +10 Echidna who doesn’t get much use. Time to change that!


oh, damn wrong units. so i will drop from T21 ^^"

Well since I pulled FOUR NANNAS on the legendary banner I know who I’m using


Do you guys use different score bots for different arena seasons?

After AHR I have enough to +10 Balthus which will work nicely as a score bot. Although I’m less inclined to do so because it’s more efficient to just switch blessings around.

Normally i use always the core units: (i change the blessings)

  • a +10 Legandary + a Bonus Unit.^^"
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Well well… looks like Echidna shall take to the arena once more… haven’t used her in ages.


So next week is A!Mareeta’s last bonus week or?

No it’ll be her first. It’ll be the spring banners last week this week though.


if I cant get to T20 with my new +10 Galzus I’m literally calling the police


Unless the rest of your core has stupid few merges I’d be stunned if you couldn’t do it

I’ve been able to make T20 for like two years with three +10s (one 170 BST, one 175 BST, and one 165 BST) and one unmerged bonus unit for like two years, and without optimal scoring builds. It’s only this past couple weeks where I finally souped everyone up with dual Rallies and gave my Julia a 500 SP special so she can move up one scoring bin

Keeping T20 and hitting T21 are much more difficult (and keeping T21 is almost impossible without heavy whaling now)


true, it is even hard for me :confused:

you need a score of 3884 to stay y.y

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Anyone still using Bedel for T20-21 runs? I am not willing to invest in her as a NS unit–not until I see what her refine will be–but her and Echidna are my only highly merged green tanks.

I don’t use Bagel for Arena (mine is only +1, lol) but I still see her fairly often

In terms of raw scoring power, the only unit in the normal pool that eclipses Bagel is A-Idunn, so IMO she is still a very solid choice. Although since a bazillion people whaled for Ninjorrin thanks to AHR, Bagel probably isn’t gonna cut it for maintaining T21 anymore because Corrin scores higher

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I’m not concerned with maintaining, just being able to be in t20.5

Realistically I just need a decent green tank, but I am vacillating between Bagel with or without DC

Again I’m not entirely sure because of the new flood of +10 Ninjorrins

Because of her Prf B slot Bagel can score like a 190 BST unit, which is as high as any non Duo other than A-Idunn can score. I think this upcoming Arena season is what’s going to test it for sure because AHR is over now

For reference I scored 3848 (so an average of 756-758 per match before bonus kills) this season and I’m looking very safe to make T21:

You may want to play around with the Arena score calc to see what your team scores like


That’s some dedication


That has the same energy as the Severa team I shared a couple weeks ago