How’s your Arena season going?

Score: 3892

D!Chrom is SO obnoxious. IS: We heard you like L!Chrom, so we made him but stronger and he will haunt you every season

Also my H!Sothis got killed by a L!Nanna one time, that was sad… :fgo_okitacry:


3892 score - damn xD

and “”"""""“only”""""""""" rank 14 o.o

what is going on xD


That is such a mood

L-Claude + L-Nanna + Duo Chrom + Duo Dagr teams


This looks good. Glad to see that my Python has his time to shine.

(Also, it’s funny how arena forces me to use Deadeye, a special I literally can’t use because of his Spendthrift Bow)


Btw, since IS said that bonus units will rotate every week now instead of two, do we know which bonus units will change and which will stay for the next week?

Thinking of building Est to +9 in order to stay but if she can only guarantee 1 week I’ll rethink this.

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It’ll probably be datamined when the update hits


Oh look, it’s Heroes week in RB, which means I can do stupid cheese with Duo Líf and Escape Route Peony again

Caeda’s Canto made it even cheesier

I don’t stand a chance of maintaining T21 with only +2 on my Nanna, so I’m just gonna cruise and drop


Did someone say Heroes and Fates week in RB?

+1 Harmonica and +5 Hatari Azura go weeeeeeee




Do we know anything about this?

Next week is the Earth Season gone or am i wrong?^^

I checked; current rotation is not ending until the 18th

Presumably it will be after next season that they start changing weekly (remember, this season started before the update hit)

Edit: Checked update notes and confirmed this; it’s the season starting on the 19th where they’ll start changing weekly

Hell no it’s only been two weeks and it’s still L-Nanna bonus season. We’re in for a month of Earth, folks


Wohooooo :smiley: thank you luna :smiley:
So i can still stay in T21 - but i have to fish for high scores. :smiley:


Gotta +10 Est and feed her something then. Thinking of giving her an Ophelia manual (Rally Up+ Sturdy Blow 2) alongside the S!Ingrid (Sturdy Impact+Guard Bearing) we have on divine codes 2.

Canto makes this entire mode a joke imo and yes, D!Líf is super useful (he also helps with WoM :D)


Thats a nice amount of flowers. :feh_hridexcited:


Oh, very nice :smiley:
So i get every week around:

32+10+20+40 = 102 Flowers xD


Isn’t this week a SR-S week?
Looks like finally my Light/Dark blessing units can get another shot at AA.

So, does this means IntSys has realized their mistake of making AA off the SD weeks?

Well, that went much smoother than two weeks ago

Only found one Duo Chrom this time, and I actually managed to win against him! I choked more on a Duo Dagr/L-Nanna combo.

L-Nanna is amazing. I kinda want to merge her now, lol. There was very little she couldn’t destroy, most notably a +10 B-Hector, but come on, it’s freaking B-Hector. Being able to zip in and out with Canto was so convenient when movement is so restricted. Had a really satisfying moment when Nanna swooped in to kill an Echidna, retreated, and then Julia killed the Astram right behind Echida. Also took care of a pesky Ninjorrin that way

Speaking of which I’m kinda surprised I’m finding Astrams this week! Didn’t everyone start using Yen’fay instead? These were 754+ matches, so WTF

Also Julia easily being able to kill L-Corrins through Negating Fang never gets old


Julia lowkey nukes even without effective damage.
L!Nanna seems like a solid earth investment, you have decent merges on her already so might as well dominate earth season with two fashion ladies.