"How sensible of you to appreciate my excellence"- +10 Summer Lorenz is complete!

This one has been coming for a while. While I’ve had Lorenz on my potential merge project list ever since he dropped due to him being one of my 3H favs, I never actually got around to merging him whether be it because I went with another grail project or I just didn’t have the fodder.

That all changed when the 3H Summer Formas dropped, as soon as I saw Lorenz I knew I had to +10 him and here he is in all his glory :ok_hand: :fgo_ereshlove: I finished him so quickly in fact that for the first time my +10 is nowhere near capped HM lol

He looks great in blue. With that I have my first +10 forma and my 19th +10 overall! Soon I’ll have the entire brigade filled out, never thought I’d see the day lol