How Should Duos be handled in SD?

There is a clear issue regarding duos in SD. I opt not to use them often cause I like being creative with my teambuilding, but because of how insanely broken and uninhibited duo usage is, it kinda ruins that aspect of the mode. There’s a clear meta, and if you’re not using it, you’re probably going to lose.
Also, this begs the question of "why not allow legendary hero pair ups in SD? Duos are more broken anyway, right?
I think something needs to be done to circumvent this abundance of duo usage, I understand it’s a nerf but objectively the game mode will become better because of it. Savior is nerfed so already the mode isn’t totally vanilla. Or, hell, add a restriction to duels that just leaves out Duos if all else fails. Let us be creative.

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I mean, using the button takes a turn, which is actually pretty balanced since you can both prepare and react to it.

The bigger problem is pathfinder, which right from the start was a fucking mistake and some grade A BS.

Sadly there’s not really much you can do about that one, because counterplay to it is highly specific and usually not worth running (GK super obstruct basically).


People hate saves but canto and pathfinder are the bane of my existence.


Okay, let’s give players the ability to bring 5 legendaries and 5 duo units. Surely, there’s nothing cancerous about that, right?


That aside, I find it rather humoring that you’re saying “Let us be creative” to conclude a post about imposing some sort of restriction on an overly abused mechanic in the gamemode when being creative usually entails the opposite in freedom. Says something about how oppressive everything is, doesn’t it?

Because no matter what you do, the game’s gotten to a point where


Add a filter to matchmaking: Duo/Harmonic Excluded


Yeah. This, and pathfinder too, indeed, have killed creativity. How are you supposed to utilize anything you make if it dies by something 8 spaces away? And then, you can’t even go after it, cause it’s already back where it came from, 8 spaces away.
Personally I don’t know what to do. For duos I think we should give a reverse-restricted mode, where they’re restricted in normal SD, but have an “unrestricted” special option where you can use them. That way, people will be encouraged to play without them.
Pathfinder I seriously have no good ideas for. It’s pretty much an unsolveable issue with how it’s been made.

I don’t mind getting my ass beaten by a +10 Owain with a sick setup with 1-2 other units. But if those units are Duo Chrom and Harmonized Catria for the 800000th time, it’s just lame. I never even bother to use them myself until today where I begrudgingly got my Duo Chrom out from storage to try a new setup, and even with one I felt dirty.

There’s only one way to describe the current state of the game, and that’s lame.


Cause there’s literally no counterplay to it.

There is not a single anti-pathfinder skill in game.

You can try to use Reiv or Veld to try and slap someone with gravity or something, but that doesn’t shut down pathfinder itself.

It is a skill with no counterplay so of course it’s broken.


One answer:

Git good


that only works for Dark Souls


One Pathfinder unit isn’t a big issue, at least not for me so far. However, Duo Dagr’s button is ridiculous. That specifically is probably the worst thing about SD. Canto is also too powerful, but I haven’t seen if Canto Control is tamping that down much or if it hasn’t made much of a dent. It’s also possible that several Pathfinder units gets dumb, but I’ve only hit the Duo Dagr crap so far.


A good start would be:

  1. Limit to 1 only.
  2. using effect will render remain action to 1 and the opponent gets to go first next turn.
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Have your giga chad in the frontline with obstruct.

I always wondered if Ash decked out with defensive skills + obstruct can withstand all the fire. Probably not, but imagine if that works though.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I do, actually. It’s my replacement for a Near Save, and it works pretty well. The big issue is the S mode where you have to use B-slot Obstruct instead of the seal if you want one of these on more than one team.

I’ve had a few really amusing games where people don’t pay attention to the Obstruct and are clearly trying to set up an attack that gets blocked by it. And I’ve yet to see Pass, ever.

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Hahaha holy crap I’m gonna try that

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The fact that it burns an action is more often than not, an asset. It is especially helpful once both players lost a few units.


The new captain skill (Erosion) is absolutely ridiculous with a Canto Unit like Yuri.
Canto Control should handle it, but only once player use it decently. Right now, they get their Canto Control unit too far away, or too close and killed.

Not to mention, Canto Control is a premium skill, Erosion is not gonna be fun in SD/S.

Duo units don’t give me as much headache as some regular units like Yuri or B!Eirika, but i have a doubt now, do legendary units give stats to their teammates in their seasons?

SD would have been great back when the game had units that were pretty much all fairly balanced…

I don’t see what the issue is with duos/Harmonics, to me they are the least BS thing plaguing that mode - NY!Dagr pathfinder bs excluded, but its only 1 turn so even it is more tolerable than the chicken shit Canto plague. Instead of “selling a solution” they could have easily fixed the problem by restricting Canto to the first unit to make use of it (to clarify: not restricted to 1 canto unit- just the first unit to trigger it invalidates its use by all other on the team). Canto Control as a solution is a F’in joke.

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You all are doing a great job of making me less and less motivated to even try Summoner Duels

I have basically no Favor and I don’t see that changing anytime soon


Don’t worry, don’t even bother. It’s general knowledge that it’s the worst PvP mode in the entire game, and worst mode in general.