How Should Duos be handled in SD?

As if that wasn’t obvious from the start, lol

Even the rewards aren’t enough to entice me to endure the bullshit


I just forced myself to get the forma soul and then never touched it again, every time the SDR and such come up, I play it once then remember why I stopped


I like SD because I’m a meta slave and I enjoy the adrenaline, putting me to test against other players is mostly stressful and rewarding, but I can see why people dislike the mode.

As for handling the Duos, I always pay extra attention to NY!Dagr because her duo skill is without a doubt the most broken. I try to always stay out of reach on turns they activate it, but it doesn’t always turns out good for me. Besides NY!Dagr, I also think the dancers such as H!Azura, P!Dorothea and D!Peony are among the most op Duo skills.

The Duo units I use the most are Y!Ike and B!Catria. Y!Ike I can say isn’t broken but could potentially be game changing if used correctly, which is a very hard thing to do. It’s also fairly week against teams built around S!Sonya+D!Chrom because it’s very hard to abuse the -2 SC+Guard effect his skill does on the enemy team when they have another skill ready at any time to grant +2 SC back.

B!Catria’s duo skill is among the weakest because it’s combat oriented (rather than supportive) and it’s very balanced, not to say it’s bad, but usually her team members are decided upon team synergy rather than if they are from SoV/FE6, meaning she doesn’t get to give the boost to all her team. Her duo skill is also weak against full aggresive teams with long reach across the map, such as L!Sigurd, Yuri, S!Sonya and NY!Dagr herself, mostly because my units don’t put pressure on the enemy team as much as their’s do on mine, and I find myself often needing to retreat back from the center area.

Right now I believe most whale teams carry 2 or sometimes even 3 Duo units, sometimes using the duo button just to abuse the turn mechanic in their favor and keep stalling. Which is why I think restricting Duo units to 1 per team would be for the best in the long run, specially if the next duo/harmonic units that keep coming (because they will) are even more busted and op (which they will be).

SDR/SDS is quite enjoyable once you know the secret

Free Rewards!!!


The problem with SD is more of the more battles you win, the more better the teams are

It does not scale off of merges but how many battles you have won and that means you are more likely to run into people with +10 Eitri’s, +10 L!Caeda’s, +10 Gatekeeper’s, +10 Duo Chrom’s (With Canto Control), and more

I’m happy with my life :upside_down_face:


SD sounds worse and worse with all of the people blowing things out of proportion like always
Pretty much every time I play SD I’ve a pretty dope time since those meta tryhards are mostly somewhere away from the low ranks, so I’ve enemy teams with sometimes even pretty cool creative teams
Ofc there’re meta players out there, but honestly if I play off meta and lose against meta units I really can’t complain at all since thats how PVP works
U should try it with some teams you like or have a dope idea of building, I’m doing that and I’ve a pretty nice time


coming back to the topic, Duos/Harmonics would be nice if they were limited to one per team imo
Often its actually better to “waste” a turn using your button than doing stuff and the button effects are honestly bonkers considering you give some units several skill effects + their already existing kits so ye


What I would do to make duos more balanced in SD is to require an actual action. You rather attack with your NY Dagr or use the win-button. If you move your duo, the button gets disabled. That way you can’t double dance with duo dancers, or pathfinder all across the map to kill a unit. But most importantly, it prevents the action manipulation and the snowball effect that are being abused by the duo users.

Co-hort duos don’t have access to their duo button.

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Sad Pathy noises

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Hey Dagrs fine.

It’s just the pathfinder skill itself that I despise with every fiber of my being


It was mostly a joke since that robot is named Pathfinder

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But ngl seeing two of my favorites being some of the most hated units these days do be kinda sad :feh_eirikabulli: