How should I build my B!Lucina?

Well… That’s a nice free summon.

So, I just pulled that B!Lucina, as you can see. She is -def/+atk, which is kind of bad. Even though, she will be a great replace to my Marth.
How should I build her?
Thanks for helping me!

Refine her weapon. Give her some Drives for her C and Seal, give her decent A and B skills.

You got yourself a support unit.

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Something like this works very well. I want Fury 4 and Ruptured Sky to finish her. I use her for AR. Shove to activate the Link and get the tank in there while having them remain in range of all her buffs. Fury is good to soak Chills and Shrines.


Would an unmerged Lucina soak up chills with Fury? She’s only reaching 56 attack and 39 speed, not to mention 30 defense and 22 resistance if we’re looking at the +atk/-def IVs.

Probably not on the defensive side, but still helps with survivability and strength for probably the one fight she may need to have. She’s relatively easy to make work with Brave Ike since he doesn’t have any stat that’s that high.

Just go Fury/link/drives.

She’s not that difficult to build, as she’s a support unit


She’s pretty easy to build.
Just give her some Drives/Guards, maybe a Link and her Refine.
For A-Slot she wants to have anything to either survive a fight or take Chills.
Her IV’s are actually pretty good. Leagues better than mine (+HP/-Spd).
Also, am I the only one who seems to forget about the ‘‘Effective against Dragons’’ part of her weapon?


are you using her with bike? in AR?

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I will use her with Bike, probably for AR. The only thing is that aside from DC and his refine, I don’t have any good skill for Bike. I don’t have NCD and mine is only +3 merged with +def, so no magic bike. Do you have any suggestions for how to build him?

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screw NCD

your lucina is 53/36/30/19
your bike is 53/29/39/21

fury 3 will let her soak chill atk/res/spd. that leaves only def. you can soak it by giving her fury 3 + fort def 3 seal and dragonflowers, but another merge on lucina ould be easier. really, you should only merge them at the rate where bike can be merged where lucina doesnt need a merge to still soak all four stats. this is critical.

you can’t really pull off a spd bike build right now, but this is the only way to truly play bike well, either with repel or NFU. I prefer NFU. ideally lucina should have fury 3 or 4, a link skill, joint/drive spd, and fort def if you want her to soak or debuffs or let mila if you have a mila.

Bike should have a spd boon ideally, and DC/NFU/pulse or atk smoke, so 36ish spd.

peony support can give him +7 spd, blue buffs for res from her native C, and blue buffs for spd from whatever seal

lucina can give +in combat 3-4 spd from her C skill, atk/def +6 visible buffs from something like atk/def link.

so 47-48 spd for bike and +6 from visible buffs. so 53-55 is very manageable, and you can go higher.

eir should run temari and sabotage defense to give -5 atk/-5 spd/-7 debuffs.

after having all these little pieces, you will be amazed at how incredible a tank bike becomes.


Now I regret that I merged my +spd one…
Also, if I would get a +spd one, now that we have Spurn 3, is NFU still better? I mean, reducing more damage dealt to him is really good if you are facing a magic foe, but also get 5 more damage from Aether can be really nice. Of course he won’t deal more damage from 1 hit with aether over than a guaranteed follow up attack, but the damage reduction can be really nice

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a bit debatable, but unless you have the team whaled out, i’d say NFU is better, even then, it’s 50/50 imo. things like eliwood who is god damn everywhere these days are np. impacts, np.

with repel/spurn bike, the risk isn’t that bike will die, it’s that the units that are around him to support him will die. NFU simply hard counters a lot of typical bike counters.