How should I build my Dimitri?

I have got this Dimitri from the new banner, and he is +def
-res. How should I build him?
Thanks for helping me!


Hmm, his base kit works really well but you can maybe add something like [Atk Smoke] for C-slot, [Reposition] for assist, [Bonfire] special and a [Sturdy Blow] seal.
That’s what I’d do :thinking:.

I hope mentions are working now…
@TeaTime likes him so I think they can provide some insight :+1:


They are not

Base kit, Atk Smoke, Sturdy Blow or Brazen Atk/Def, just change his Special to something better

Or just fodder, that Lull is spicy and being able to get DB4 with it is even more spicy

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Ah! Same IVs as mine!
As I didn’t want to invest a lot (I’m in a serious resource crisis right now) I decided to use the def boon to my favor and so this is how I built him:

It’s a simple build, for A and B base kit and for C I use rouse atk/def (yes, I killed an Edelgard for him, I just couldn’t help it :feh_dimitrismug: ) as he’s probably going to be far from the main team on mixed emblem teams. His seal is there to boost his raw damage output and his damage based on his defense when special triggers. Another budget option for C would be death blow, specially for galeforce builds. A more flexible skill would be atk smoke or hone/ward/fortify/goad cavalry if he’s going to be used in cavalry teams.

As others have said though @TeaTime has a premium galeforce build so they can probably give you better advice if you’re willing to invest on him

All in all you were lucky! Those IVs are quite good and definitely workable, I’m glad to see someone else building him up!


His weapon pretty much says, “use me with Galeforce”, so I’d give him that, use his base kit otherwise and slap on Attack Smoke for his C slot and Heavy Blade for his seal. He will need to double, have higher attack than his opponent, and take one hit to activate Galeforce, so choose wisely for his first target on each turn.

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I’d build him as Lull Atk/Def 3. Oh wait - that’s what I already did. :feh_corrinmug:

Aw, shame the mentions only started working now. Even though it’s a bit late, here’s my Dimitri build:

I like using Fury + Savage Blow to help him activate his weapon’s effect, the rest is a pretty standard Galeforce build. He’s helped me clear some abyssals already with WoM L!Azura, that was certainly fun to play around with.