How should I build my L!Seliph?

So Chrom doesn’t seem to want to come for me, but I got L! Seliph, so I am pretty happy about that. Now, he is -res, which is not that great, while his res isn’t as high as other, he pretty much can tank a lot of things with his weapon, and he has superbane in res. But +atk is amazing.
How should I build him? Or should I just just give him his base kit, miracle and slap that HB seal on him?
Thanks for helping me!

Basekit with anything in seal slot, Mirror Stance if you wanna patch up the res banner I guess


Needs nothing except a stance seal. And probably a diff c skill. Maybe qr if you insist on using him in high tier ar.

Btw is the hp fonse in mareetas army yours


I’m half-tempted to give him Melee Bouquet myself.

Then he’d maybe be a bit more useful in the AI’s hands.
For his special I like Glimmer since its an easy EP proc.

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If you can support him with the Breath effect (B!Lucina, etc) he can unleash a monster BIGnis on each enemy engagement where the opponent doesn’t have NFU/Hardy Bearing nor the Guard effect, and heal up 7 or 14 HP after combat.

Without Breath support he might appreciate a lower CD special instead, maybe Noontime/Sol for ultimate sustain or Glimmer (not sure about math but he already cuts the opponent’s Def by 6 with his Prf effect so it might be strictly better than Moonbow).

Attack or Pulse Smoke for C slot. His base Joint Drive Def is alright but it’s a bit risky to rely on due to adjacency requirement and Panic status.

Mirror Stance, Fierce Stance or Sturdy Stance for seal. Or Atk Smoke for double smoke debuffs if desired.