How should I build my Leanne?

I have got this Leanne from the new heroes banner. I really want to build a team for my NY! Lethe, so I am pretty happy about that, even if it’s not Micaiah. She is with +atk/-hp which I don’t really like, because she will have only 32 HP, and only 44 atk, but she is a dancer.
How should I build her?
Thanks for helping me!

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This is what I would go for (and build I run on mine).

A is budget and helps boost up her good Res (though a +Res Leanne would be better). B is WoM since I like running WoM on all of my dancers but you could always opt for something more expensive like a Chill skill. C is Atk Ploy for debuffing at range (even if 39 might not cut it for PvE content nowadays) and is completely optional. You could always go for her default C skill (Hone Beasts) or a buff like a Tactic. Finally, her seal is also pretty flexible (you could run a Chill skill for support) but I run mine with Aerobatics since I have her on non beast Emblem teams sometimes and the extra mobility helps if WoM hasn’t proc’d yet.


Supports differ depending on the team. If you run her in a flier team, mix her built-in Flier Formation with a Flier guidance seal or C skill, and goad or ward fliers. The flier guidance + flier formation combo works like aerobatics + guidance, and she can really allow a lot of flier shenanigans with those skills.

Otherwise, it’s ploys, drives, sabotages, chills, or dance skills. Make a team and let her bring out the best of her partners.


Here’s mine; (incomplete seal and I need a +res one)

(I also have Wings of Mercy on her too.)

She’s best built for support with sabotages, ploys, chills and guidance but she does have some good mage/dragon tanking potential with some investment.

A budget build of Fortress Res or (Fury with Iceberg), Wings of Mercy and dual ploys + Moonbow can work well in AR-O and she has good healing support too.

If you want offensive support, Reyson is much better at that role. Leanne should stick with support and magic tanking.

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i would just go support-ish
heres mine