How should I evolve?


How should I evolve this?

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Since your Poliwhirl is 1000 CP+ , hence you can only make it for Ultra League.

There are 2 possible evolution.

  1. Poliwrath can be made by directly using 100 candies.
  2. Politoed can be made by using 100 candies + King’s Rock.

  • If you choose Poliwrath :

You can notch up extra wins due to fighting sub-typing, and it is useful in Ultra League.

In UL Premier Classic :

In Open Ultra League :

* If you choose Politoed :

In UL Premier Classic :

In Open Ultra League :

Though recommended move for Politoed is Mud shot + Weather Ball(W) + Blizzard,
but I recommend using elite TM to teach it Earthquake in place of Blizzard, as Steel types are more common, and ground has better coverage than Ice, though after this, Politoed will be toothless against Dragonite.

If you are willing to use Elite TM for Politoed, then it will have comparable performance to Poliwrath, otherwise slightly lower.

But, I believe usage of Elite TM for Politoed is not of much worth. As it will result in few extra wins.

Now you have the choice, which way you want to go ! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Personally, I’d wait. There’s not terribly much where you’ll use it but maybe there’s a community day one day.
Except you desperately need something for ultra league (there are better and cheaper options though), but I don’t know if you’re into pvp at all.

They are both useless for Master League,

For UL the hundo IV spread is bad (rank 123) so it is not worth powering them up. Less spending and ETM on them.

They are just a hundo pokedex filler… as most hundos outside of ML (talonflame a notable exception)

As neither of them have any real fighting value I would just pick based on design, chose the one that looks better in your oppinion (I personally will chose politoed).