How should I fodder Sue?



So I got a -atk Sue and I’m wondering if I should fodder her to L!azura or if I should fodder her to L!Lucina (my main.) I’m currently leaning towards giving Lucina the bow and hone 4 but I’d like a few more opinions.


L!Lucina’s bow is pretty good already since she can make use of the entire stat boost, and already has access to a skill like Atk/Spd Link in B if you’re looking for a way to boost her Spd (and also her Atk).

Meanwhile, L!Azura could be a good option however I find her base kit Afk Tactic already useable as is.

Is there any reason why you want to fodder off Sue? Even with the Atk bane, she’s still useable.


I don’t really see either one being worth it to be honest. I would think Lucina would rather keep her Thong.




I already have New years Fjorm for green bows. I find her much more usable, both as an attacker and a utility.


I think the last thing to ask yourself before fully committing would be: are there any Arena units that might need this skill for scoring purposes? If you don’t care about Arena, and are fully committed to foddering Sue off - my vote goes towards L!Azura. From a personal preference, I just feel that the Tactics 2 tile range is better since it can easily buff multiple allies without too much restriction - but if you plan on running her with Aerobatics/Wings of Mercy and have a consistent way of her setting off the Hone on an ally - then go for it.

While you’re foddering Sue, you should pickup Hone Spd 3 from another unit so you can fodder Chill Def 3 and Hone Spd 4 onto L!Azura.