How should I go about this?


I want to make a Kaden merge project, but I was never sure on what exact build to give him. This is what I have in mimd now:

[The C and S would both be Spd Wave skills, one Odd, one Even.]
I’m not going for full-on support here, I want him to be able to duel, too; hence Chill Atk over everything else. Is this fine? Or should I make adjustments?


I remember writing a ton about him back when he came out. And are you sure? I gave up on the dream when he didn’t demote for NO REASON

Speed wave is a maybe. It depends who you plan to pair him with. His link is actually very good if you feel like you don’t have enough buffs. Drives/Guards if you are going full buff bot comp.

For offenses I think DC would probably be better as he can duel fine on the player phase, and DC covers the ouchie phase. Fury, SS4, LnD all good for offense. Desperation works good with his weapon


Also go +atk over spd


Yeah, I’m sure. I’m only doing projects on characters I really like.

I kinda didn’t want to put DC on him. I feel that’s better on supertanks. (My only one is reserved for Berkut as of this moment.) Plus, that doesn’t quite work with his Cavalry Transformation Bonus.

With the waves, my original thought was if he wasn’t going to be fighting next turn, he’d be supporting allies with +12 Spd to them, instead.

I was never sure what boon to take, Atk makes since, but so does every other possible boon aside from HP. It just happens that the Kaden I have is +Spd -HP.