How should I use my incubators?


With the egg event and all, I decided to finally use up my stockpile of super incubators. Problem is, I don’t know how to best utilize it. Should I only be using it on 5/7/10 eggs and saving my orange incubator for the 2 km eggs, or should I also use my super incubators on all the 2 km eggs?


Personally, I would avoid using super incubators on 2k eggs. With the reduced distance from the event, 2k eggs hatch incredibly fast and can easily plow through your supply of super incubators in a short amount of time. On top of that, the amount of dust/candy you get from 2k eggs is too low to make them worth the investment.

That said, if you find yourself in a position where you’re sitting on 8 or 9 2k eggs and want to clear them out, go for it and load them into super incubators. I just wouldn’t recommend doing this too frequently.


Myself I’m using the super incubators I have on 10k. I’ve had a 7k in a blue incubator till I get all the babies and I’ll switch to supers if I run out of those. With the decreased distance 5ks will fly through so I wouldn’t put them in anything other than the orange.


It seriously isn’t worth using a Superincubator for a 2km egg even in this event. You’ll want to save those for 7km and 10km eggs in the future. (or if you get any in this event, then during this event) The only time I’d even consider using Superincubators for 2km eggs is if you had 9 2km eggs and you wanted to try to use a Starpiece to get extra Stardust from hatching a whole bunch at once. And even then, the Stardust bonus for 2km eggs is not really worth it to waste all those super incubators on.


The benefit of hatching is stardust. The occasional shiny or strong starter is nice, but too rare in itself to justify spending real money on incubators. All I’ve gotten from this event so far is 2K eggs which will go in my infinite incubator one by one, because the stardust benefit is really small. I will open some gifts for the 7K drops, and use purchased incubators for those. The announcement said that there will be different Pokemon available from eggs acquired during this event. If that turns out to be worthwhile, I’ll start incubating more than two or three at a time.

Please post if you find good Pokemon hatching from eggs acquired during this event. The pvp players (not me) will have a different take on what’s good

If this were a double stardust event rather than a double candy event, I’d be hatching a lot more.


For good 10km hatches, high IVs and more candy are certainly nice.


I think the only big egg shakeup is all of the babies are hatching from 2ks. Good news is this includes Riolu, so if you’re still looking for one of those I’d target 2ks a little more.


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I only use super incubators on 10km eggs normally. I’ll always use a super on a 10km egg as soon as I get it.

Otherwise I don’t open gifts for 7km eggs (get an egg first), and I only use incubators on 5km eggs if it’s during a bonus event like this and I have all 5km eggs and want to get a chance at a 10km egg (and have spare incubators). Otherwise I’ll just plow through my 2km eggs in the orange and hope to get a 10km for the blue/purple.