How Silly FGO Fights Would Look as Anime (LB3 spoilers)

I just finished LB3 and had to laugh at how silly some of my servant team battles would look from the enemy’s perspective, or as an anime like Babylonia:

  • Old Man Li, fearsome martial arts expert, was punched out by Big Tiddy Monk 3 times in a row holding MLB Black Grail while someone named George and poor Mash kept taking his hits.
  • QSH, most heavenly emperor challenging us to an honorable battle for humanity’s future, mauled by a Very Angry Doggo while identical twin Norse Goddesses kept giving him steroids.
  • That same Norse Goddess was repeatedly run over by some guy on a Golden Motorcycle before deciding to join our team after we destroyed her world.
  • Rewinding further, Megalos, in his unstoppable Heruclean rage, was punched out by a saint wearing a bikini and sarong…

We’ve come a long way from the Saber v. Gilgamesh or Emiya v. Cu Chulainn fights… What were some of your more ridiculous or poorly explained team comps for epic battles in FGO?


I beat mostly everyone with a gang of Jeanne and Summer BB. No idea what the story is, but I want a doujin of it.


Big, bad literal sun coming down to earth to cleave the world asunder -

stopped by bosomy pirate lady and her GF

Thoughts on Lostbelt No. 2: The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung?

Yes, Zaynab had her swimsuit on, too


Some of mine would be quite underwhelming.

@Chashan brought up LB2 which… It probably had the biggest gap between gameplay and story.

Sigurd was just a pushover in every single fight.

Imagine him facing off George and just tickling him for 3 turns while a Loli shoots with her toy bow at him until he dies.

Then the story tells you how strong he is and that you lost.


IDK this fight would make a fun anime
Especially the part about Tomoe yeeting the giant fire man

Or alternatively you could just have her chuck Wiimotes or something it’s up for debate :fgo_toomoe:


Mash, Jeanne, Tamamo and Waver outlast a very pissed off Salter, knocking her down three times before literally beating her to death.

The kind of fight that warrants it’s own anime arc!


I beat Consort Yu in her first boss fight with Mata Hari. I’m just imagining her getting closer and closer giving her a stare down and going after her like in the Ring


So many of these fights would look ridiculous. But more recently, just having a Lovecraftian Loli tank the strongest attacks of the great general Xiang Yu, than having her whack him with tentacles until he loses steam.

Just gonna leave this here


Yep, that’s who I stole it from. Sad they made a Xiang Yu vid after I beat LB3 tho

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Well, LB3 Li got turned into a pig several times while Xiang Yu was tentacle groped throughout my run. LB3 seems a little kinky looking at it this way.

Also, Anastasia getting run over by a bike several time then flattened by 2 pyramids while at it looks more like an execution if anything.


Now you just need a pic of Consort Yu having a nosebleed while watching xD


She was watching all the way until she joined in the action herself in 16-1.

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Big Strong Storm Incarnate dominated by an Eldritch Loli.

… Seems like a decent bit of anime now a days. :smiley:

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Old man guard plays with the witch and becomes her piggy.

…Possible doujinshi title too. :smiley:

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No doubt they’d look really out there. Doesn’t fit the overall theme since I’d totally love to see Jalter vs QSH animated.

Going to the silly stuff though: Old Man Li is awesome and has spent his life polishing his skills to their limit. What a shame he got destroyed by a magical girl firing beams and smacking him in the head with Heracle’s weapon.

I’d also enjoy the heck out of the legendary mecha warrior Xiang Yu getting destroyed by the tag team of a tentacle loli and potential new Symphogear user XX.

Honestly I’d still love to see all the silly fights in this topic animated. It’d be a blast.

Anything with Archertoria is inherently pretty silly to me. She shoots her enemy with a squirt gun, then shoves a magical sword into said gun to fire a beam of magical light.

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This is why in the Lostbelts boss fights i always try to stay in theme… if that makes sense, for example i generally try to avoid using summer servants.

I could’ve used Circe for Li but i would’ve felt bad for constantly turning him into a pig lol, then again i ended up using Sitonai so that would’ve still be entertaining to watch.

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-Centaur brutally bitchslapped and attacked repeatedly by a smug goddesses portable simp squad.

  • Qsh gets beat up by angry Amazon waving a morning star around bigger than she is. Falls to his attacks shortly after , only for himself to fall by a giant wolf carrying the headless horseman on his back.
  • li being turned into a pig by a sadistic bird lady and then brutally beaten to death by a magical girl demon who shoots her friend from a cannon at him. If there wasn’t enough old man abuse, a crazy little loli riding a polar bear attacks him with an ice sword and bow n arrow.

All of that would result in an anime fight where the audience would question how many drugs the writer took .


Xiang Yu.
Electrocuted by the Frankenstein’s monster in a swimsuit and then being killed by a mecha loli and a tsundere dragon witch in swimsuit.

Old man Li.
Turned into piggy several times by a small bird witch while being shooted by the magic beams of a tyrannical roman emperor in a swimsuit, and then, also being beaten to death by a mecha loli and a tsundere dragon witch obsessed with german words in a swimsuit with handcrafted katanas.

Being bullied by the fires and stakes of the previous tsundere dragon witch, but this time in her two forms.

Now that I look at them in perspective, they were kinda… Interesting. I would like to watch that anime.