How this is possible!? / Cómo es posible?

Take a look for yourselfes, I don’t get It… Just 3 days after her release…

Edit: I mean…look the CE Bond… like 1.3milliond of bond points in 3 days!?

Mírenlo por ustedes, no lo entiendo, solo 3 días después de su lanzamiento…


I’m surprised I haven’t seen more, honestly.

I think it is mathematically impossible, even with all CE to farm bond points in only 3-4 days…

It’s called having no life. I both envy and pity such existances simultaneously.


Yeah this. Someone leveled the Arctic MC within a few hours and maxed it out.
Throw away enough of your time and effort and you can get a lot done in this game.

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That is an NP5 Skadi which means that they are most likely a whale and that they could just whale their way through AP refills with SQ.


I agree somewhat with the no life, but also remember there are still some places in lockdown. So i guess there could be that.

Maybe hide the name of said player for future reference.


The first thing I noticed was actually the NP level.

I whale, and I whale for love, but she has one of the least useful NP level upgrades in the entire game. Hard pass on whaling her to NP5 on debut.


I have a friend that says he has np5 but working on the mats, so I will try that skadi out when he puts it up, but a measly 20% extra crit damage for 3 hits sounds too low, especially since you already get 100% on the quick cards

It is, and you won’t be prioritizing her cards in Arts chains in most cases, so taking her NP from 30-50% crit damage (not even a flat 30-50% DEF Down like Waver’s) is unnoticeable even if you’re running her in a more traditional party that is not pure NP refund looping.

To compound matters, her crit damage effect is limited to 3x per cast over 5 turns for each Servant. That can work in a Servant’s favor when you run the risk of wasting a standard buff by not critting while it’s up, but considering that she usually runs with Quick teams, that shouldn’t be a big problem.


Notice the player’s level too, 149. Talk about farming endurance.

(I’d assume it was automated for sure too.)


From a game play perspective, it’s still useful if you plan to face a lot of mobs with NP drain skills, like ghost assassins, but that’s about it if you ask me, so I call the practical limit at NP 2 and nothing higher

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Considering Rexlent managed to get Kiara to bond 15 within 2 months of Bond 15 even releasing, I would hesitate to call that impossible

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I have seen someone faster, a guy get the Bond ce of Okitan un two days, three days sounds like a beginer for that guy (but seriously they are crazy)
Also welcome to the community Archer i can see that you like Tomoe y que puedes hablar español, un gusto :fgo_ereshlove:


It’s good having so much free time… I don’t know how it feels but it must be. (?

True to a point, but those situations are rare. In order for this feature to be useful, the following conditions need to be met.

  • NP-draining enemies present
  • NP-draining enemies using their drain on Skadi
  • Having an intention to build and actually use her NP in the first place or else to use a CE and/or charge skills to facilitate her NP.

So almost never, sadly.

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Either hardcore dedication or a script to autofarm either on an emulator or with the phone left plugged in to a power socket. I mean if that person had SQ to get her to NP5 then using SQ to refill AP bar doesn’t seem like a stretch.

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