How to best use RPs

Who already has a Medb’s spiritron dress wil win a RP, so what would be the best use for this?
Mona Lisa? Chaldea Lunchtime? Save? Or maybe another thing?
Personally, I would choose the Mona Lisa to help with QP farm. (The QP hell is inevitable) :fgo_insane:
But, the Chaldea Lunchtime is a good chosse too, increase the bond exp it is always welcome.
So, what do you all think? Give us your opinion, please.

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Mona Lisa, easily. The extra bond won’t benefit you nearly as much as the extra QP, overall.


The extra qp is nice, but only useful in treasure vaults and the very occasional event quest. Most of the time the qp drop isn’t enough to be worth equipping ML

Lunchtime you can equip anywhere and grant you a bonus. But it will speed up your bond 10, which may or may not be appealing to you.

Alternatively, saving for the bond grails coming with LB3 is another great option (3 rp each, so mebd’s plus 3 5 from Santera will let you get 2)


I think you mean “5 from Santera”


:upside_down_face: can you tell I just woke up?


It depends on your strategy and resource management. I find chaldea lunchtime more relevant as it generates more apples and sq from bond points. See I’m of the opposite opinion generally, but I QP farm lottos. I mean I’ve hit qp cap 4 times now. I’m down to <100mil again but all my servants are 6/6/6 or higher now. I’ll probably 9/9/9 everyone by xmas. And Mona lisa is largely irrelevant in lottos. It was great in Apocrypha raids but that’s the exception.

Mona Lisa is good to have if you’re perpetually qp broke, but you eventually want to pair it with bella Lisa

I’m actually after supports with Personal training/Lesson as master level is now capped at 150 and artic uniform is a PITA to level. Still at lvl 7 ffs


Mona Lisa is only useful if you actually farm QP from doors, for the most part. I haven’t used my ML in months - with the exception of raids - as most of my QP has come from lotteries.


Have CLT already and bought my own Mona Lisa earlier. While you can use friend supports for them, its really nice to have your own MLB copies as double returns is always better and helps with the grind in the long run. As for the Mystic codes, I’ll use Santera’s event to buy Anniversary Blonde. The other I might get when more RPs are available. As for which one to get first, weight the benefits between more bond points or more QP.

I always have ML and CLT perma-equipped to my back line. They are pretty equal to me now.

I would personally advise getting ML first just because QP hell is so painful.


I have a question regarding this… Am I trading Medb’s spiritron dress for the RP& summon ticket? Or do I keep my spiritron & get the RP+ticket?

As for shop, I think ML is more beneficial because you need QP for everything. But if you spend a lot of apples on Lotto for boxes consistently every time there’s a lotto ML may not be as necessary for you making CLT the better option.

The rp is the reward for completing the mebd mini challenge quest if you already earned the costume last year. They aren’t taking away exclusive content

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I think it depends on your circumstances and plans for the nearby future. In general I would recommend Chaldea Lunchtime, since you get faster apples and quartz from higher bond levels, and you’ll always need those. In addition to that, there is no real other way to actually “farm” quartz except for bond levels, and 10% here helps quite a bit in the long run.

If you, however, regularly farm doors for the QP, then Mona Lisa will probably be better for, except if you plan to fill your stacks at the upcoming Gilfest, since you will not generate extra QP from the lottery boxes, and the QP from the quests really isn’t that much. In that case, I would recommend Chaldea Lunchtime again.

Level 7 is pretty impressive! I’m still at level 5 and use it practically for every quest. Do you have a spot where you farm XP?

Thank you very much , as always your help is much appreciated :fgo_ereshlove:


Is there a consensus on whether Be Graceful is worth buying?

I have the mana prisms for it, and can also buy Lunchtime if it wasn’t locked, but at how many mana prisms is it considered “safe” to buy these special CEs?

Be Graceful is more useful to you support list than yourself, and Mystic Code exp isn’t nearly as popular as bond points… But it doesn’t need the rare prism to obtain now :woman_shrugging:

I was going to get it for help with artic, then stheno graced me with a rp… So I bought personal lessons instead and my mp stash for Graceful disappeared. I did take a poll… Most folks wanted lunchtime not Graceful…


Be Graceful isn’t to good, only 5% MC is not very attractive. CL will increasy the bond EXP in 10%. More Bond level, more SQs.
I just bought Be Graceful because I had a lot of mana prisms. If you have enough to buy monthly items without any problems, I would recommend buying the CL.
Only buy Be Graceful if you really want it.

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no real trick other than I got to 5 or 6 by end of apocrypha event. . I hit qp cap there too. Pretty sure hammering the hunting quests and farming skadi mats also had a lot to do with it. Double MLB Personal Lesson helps a lot But I had Skadi, Sherlock and Dantes to dump qp in. I’ve slowed down over the last few months/events. I’ll be more active again a bit summer 3. and then slack off off on the next rerun of the Accel zero event. That thing has been glued to my squad since it’s been released.

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Mona lisa, is the best choice

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Your first RP should be used to unlock the Musashi trial quest. Anything else is doing it wrong.