How to build Sonya

I’m trying to build up more 5 stars in my barracks, and I’m having trouble building Sonya
+Spd -HP
Any help is appreciated

Mirror Impact Special Spiral Iceberg Ploy

I don’t have spiral fodder

That kills about half the builds…

Ask to @af1899, he could maybe have some interesting advice

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Here’s what I use. Note this is for AR defense. It’s pretty budget and it works because she gets turn 1 Luna with Infantry Pulse support. I haven’t invested all I probably should into her, but I haven’t changed my defense lineup in months (partially due to laziness). Spiral is her best B slot for sure, but if you don’t have it, she can still be decent. Outclassed by a lot without Spiral, but still good.


(Sorry for the delay, I was having problems with login!, thanks for letting me know @Caleb :ylgrwink: )

Lets see, IVs are about the same as mine but I plan to make her +atk, I run this:

  • It has nothing new, basically DB4 to help on offensive.
  • AoE special that works with her tome.
  • SS and HB so special activation is consistent. (Edit: just read you don’t have SS, I’m sorry… couldn’t come up with a replacement yet)
  • [Even Attack Wave] helps buffing herself when the enemies are a bit far and need the attack on an even numbered turn.
  • Draw Back helps moving around or rescuing allies.

Hope this helps!


Ok, recently came up with an alternative one focusing on salvaging speed and use it to double and prevent physical counters, made she fully merged to preview better stats:

  1. [Swift Sparrow] is still exclusive so its LV2 will do, also DB4/3 work since she needs attack power.
  2. To avoid physical treats Windsweep can be used and she gets great speed from recommended A to avoid every of them with some form of DC (topping that with the seal but if you think it’s overkill you can give her Luna+QP or [Chill Spd] seal). It’s a skill coming with Joshua at 4 :star:.
  3. C is same as before, you can use [Even Spd Wave] if you like.

Thought of sharing because I realised you don’t have [Special Spiral], hope this is better!

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Since I currently don’t have Death Blow fodder, I’m running Life Or Death with my Sonya. Plus my Sonya is +SPD/-DEF so lowering her defense even more doesn’t really matter to me.

Hm, I think there’s no reason to revive this topic.

In any case [Life and Death 3] is actually better for AoE builds, the one I run could use it better as she doesn’t need the defense and her magic bulk would still be fairly good:

[Death Blow 4] only empowers the normal attack(s) and activation of [Heavy Blade 3]

Huh, memories, it’s been like a month and a half?, time sure goes by…

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