How to choose which Pokémon to keep?

I have my pokemon storage full many times. So I need help to chose with pokemon of with # number to keep.

For example I have some Bulbasaur’s from CP 789 to C181, and in poke ginie they are from 49 to 93 of IV.

Help with the basic, please

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Basic answer - dump your worst ones.

If you anticipate needing certain CP values for PvP, keep those (for example, Zubat at 468 evolves into a Golbat at 1498, and Golbat is a good lead for the Great League, so keep that one). Otherwise, your lowest CP/lowest level stuff is junk. For example, that 93% Bulbasaur has good IVs, but are you going to power it up to a useful level? If so, keep it, if not, let it go, or at least look for a better one.

Also note that you can do lucky trades, so you might consider saving your highest level examples of meta relevant pokemon, regardless of CP. A 13% level 35 Meditite is useless in of itself, but someone looking for one to dominate the Great League would love to get it in trade.

For a specific example, your 60% CP 744 Bulbasaur looks pretty useless to me. You have better (78%, CP 765), and unless it powers up to a great PvP candidate, all it’s doing now is taking up a spot in your pokemon storage. So turn it into a Bulbasaur candy, and go catch something more useful to fill that slot.

Also, consider a storage expansion (unless you’re already at 2000). It’s an investment that pays off continually going forward.


Where I live bulbasaur are a dime-a-dozen, guess I have 3 @96-98% that are waiting to be evolved which were caught/traded at level 35. I’m not that much of an IV hound, but there are some things that need to be shiny, lucky and/or 93%+level 33-35 for me to consciously keep

Venusaur without Frenzy Plant (Community Day move) is worse than many other grass type Pokemon that are easy to get. You’re better off ditching all of the Bulbasaur

I keep only one (highest IV) for each species (except for meta-relevant species, of course). However, I do not PvP.

I’ll probably have to let this one go and it sucks, only 82 points…but Gastro just can’t cut it in Ultra…

For me every ‘mon has to have its niche and it’s place. I need a shiny, a dex entry, my raid monster (usually the highest IV one), and now the PVP one since PVP has been added. So I have at least 3 of each type. Then there’s ones with legacy movesets which I keep too.

I used to try to keep one of each species, but now I actually fully scrap certain species if it’s not rare or useful.

Obviously keep at least 1 of each shiny you get. Keep any 100% pokemon regardless of species/level (unless you have a lot, but I doubt it). Generally keep exclusive moves and legacy moves - you can ditch a few if you have a lot (e.g. I had like 16 smack down Tyranitar so I’ve transferred a few) but they’re good for potential future use or at least trade bait.

Then you can consider keeping good IV stuff that you might consider powering one day. I think a good test is to ask yourself “if I had 10M stardust, would I power this?” and if so then you can consider keeping it. Generally keep high-level useful pokemon regardless of IVs as they’re great trade bait (reroll IVs for a similar thing). e.g. if you get a 15% level 30+ electabuzz, you almost definitely want to keep that for a trade. Would encourage you to keep rare pokemon of all levels regardless of IVs too (e.g. keep any Cranidos to trade - for more candies and people may not have one and want the IV reroll chance). If you’re super-tight on storage, do those trades ASAP. Even if you don’t get an amazing deal, anything is better than the nothing you get for transferring.

After all of that, then start considering your battle parties. Top 6 of each type at minimum should be kept.
Then consider keeping trade-able legendary pokemon, especially if you have any best friends that can get lucky friends. Legendary for legendary are good trades there.

Then there may or may not be room remaining for favourites.

Why bother keeping a shiny if you would have scrapped it otherwise? If you want to show off a shiny just go into the Pokedex.

For lack of other reasons - trade bait.

Although liking the look of a shiny, or simply because you want to, are good enough reasons. It’s unlikely you’re using up more than 50 storage on unique shiny Pokemon.

My categories to keep have evolved as the game gets more features that I use. For example, when I was just collecting, my intention was to have a living pokedex; just keep the “best” of each species.

Now, the list is:

  1. Best highest evolution of each pokemon. (e.g. best Charazard but no charmander or charmeleon unless one of them fits another category)
  2. Mon that are good to put in Gyms (Blissey, Chansy, Snorlax are kept for this)
  3. Gym attack squad, which is 6 pokemon that can deal with any gym (latios, mm Metagross, machamp, raikou, mewtwo, ho-oh)
  4. Raid attack squads ( 12 pokemon that are best in their type for each type)
  5. Great great league pokemon (medicham, basteodon, altaria, …)
  6. Great ultra league pokemon (giratina a, poliwrath, …)
  7. Greate master league pokemon (dialga, latios, …)
  8. Collector’s items (1 shiny of highest evolution of each type, raichu with one of each hat, mon with legacy moves)
  9. Pokemon I think others will trade for (extra shiny, extra legendary…)
  10. Evolution candidates for a comming CD (Sorry bulbasaur, you’ve had yours)
  11. Development candidates (something I’m going to develop until it fits in one of the other categories)

If it is not in one of these categories, it is candy time. (11) is the leading source of bag inflation.

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It’s kinda hard to show off shinies by just having the Pokedex entry. Actually having the shiny Mon in your storage allows you to PvP with it, throw it in gyms, or walk it as your buddy. These often aren’t optimal choices, but if the goal is to show off a cool shiny, these are the more direct avenues.

When my collection starts to get full I have to remind myself to take a step back and ask “Am I realistically going to ever use this? Does this have any value as far as trade bait goes?” If the answer is no for both of those it gets binned.

Legendaries and shinies are the worst offenders for clogging up space as I try to keep some for lucky swaps. In preparing for Torchic day I had to accept nobody would give a shit about swapping for lucky Regi’s, so all but two or three of each got binned. I should do the same for shinies that have no value due to over-saturation such as Castform or Plusle/Minun.

^ Sitting on like 10 shiny Torchic and yeah you right

At least you can lucky swap those and save them for the eventual December CD rehash since Torchic has meta relevance. Why flex just one shiny Blaziken when you could potentially flex a high-IV army of them for half the cost?

Three of my 5 shiny Torchic were 79cp; 64cp; and 43cp. The other two fully evolved at 2158 and 1497. I have a lot of other trash I keep worse than a 43cp Torchic though.