How to count Event drop?

So I’ve checked this event you gamepress didn’t make calculator for this rerun… kinda confused on how to plan everything without the calc.
In case this happen again in the future, I think I need to learn who to calculate it by myself… but how?
From quick farming section, I can see there are ap/drop and drop/run.
Can anyone please explain me what the diffferent and how can I count how much drop I get with all the bonus variant?

I think it’s better to finish all the missions first, then you get access to the best farming nodes. Once you have those, it should be easy enough to figure out drop amounts, bonus, and what you’re trying to get from the shop.

No, I mean how to count them? I just want to know how much AP I need to clear the shop?

Usually Atlas Academy has a spreadsheet up, although they might not this time (or just not yet), since most people probably aren’t to the best nodes per currency yet.

Oh, I see I misread. Never mind, my apologies.

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Sorry, but is it hard to make the calculator by ourselves?

What I was trying to say is that I can’t make a calculator because I don’t know what the expected drops from the good nodes are. Once you have that information, it’s easy to figure out how many runs you need (currency needed in the shop / ((number of currency per drop + CE bonus) * range of drops per run) = range of runs needed)


If you look at the quests here, you’ll see something like:

\ 41x45
Black Cat Figurine x2 484.0%
\ 41x45 Black Cat Figurine x10 16.0%

This means, for example, that on average, you will get a stack of 2 Black Cat Figurines to drop 4.84 times, and a stack of 10 to drop 0.16 times. So on average, you will get:

2 x 4.84 + 10 x 0.16 = 11.28

This is without bonuses. Most bonuses operate as increasing the number per stack. So if you have a +2 black cat bonus, that works out to be:

(2 + 2) x 4.84+ (10 + 2) x 0.16 = 21.28

However, this event also has a spawn bonus, so that makes it tougher, especially if there are multiple types of enemies in a quest, as the data does not say who drops what. But, for example, if you only had ghosts, and you have a 100% ghost rate bonus, that should (I think) double the expected number of stacks dropped. So the above would go:

(2 + 2) x 4.84 x (1.00 + 1.00) + (10 + 2) x 0.16 x (1.00 + 1.00) = 42.56

Given that some of these quests have a servant boss that doesn’t double, if they drop any currency it becomes a bit hard to estimate. And if it is a multiple-enemy quest and you don’t have the same spawn bonus, it can also be impossible to calculate.

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Ngl, I deadass thought you were trying to do simple math of “how much did i get that last run?”