How to Diedre

Just the title, pulled a gen 1 Diedre trying to pull the featured 5 stars (rip 15%) and got her to 40, was thinking about building her for attack and res to counter dragons but I haven’t decided if I wanna run her with gale force and nfu support for the guaranteed follow-up and run ss4 when it comes around again.


Hmm… vanilla Deirdre is a difficult one to use now. One build i can think out of my head now is Iceberg/Still Water/SS4/TP4 for nuking. And you’ll need support to reduce 2CD before combat (Velouria/Askr/Infantry Pulse)

NFU doesn’t guarentee your follow-up, it prevents the enemy from manipulating both units follow-up, and NFU from support have spd check which Deirdre will mostly fail.
If you want her to have guaranteed follow-up you need specific supports doing so (Naga’s Divine Fang+, L!Lucina after a positional skill, cav Hardin/W!Dorothea/August’s weapon).


Ranged units can’t use Galeforce.

OHKO dragon killer. Replace C and seal with TP/QP if you don’t have cooldown support for her. IMO something like this is her best build right now.

Anti-ranged res tank. Until the rearmed green tome comes out the build on the right is probably the best way to make this work. Again, substitute QR seal or whatever cooldown manipulation you need to get the Iceberg spam going ASAP. You could use Close Ward if you want to bait and kill dragons on this build, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


That looks pretty good for a build, I’ll try something along those lines, do you have any budget options?

Luckily I do have winter Dorothea, so I’ll have the effect on top of the infantry null c skill, but that build doesn’t sound bad either


If you have a source of guaranteed follow-up i’d recommend NFU seal then.

NFU buffs from supports require outspeeding to work, and that’s almost impossible for Deirdre to do. The actual B/Seal NFU doesn’t, so it’s perfect for slower unit.

In combat Atk/Res Finish is better, but her weapon checks for visible stats to work, so Still Water is prefered. You lose def, but your focus is dragon killin so it shouldn’t be a problem.
I prefer Iceberg to make actual use of her high Res, but without slaying you need TP4 to loop it with SS4. But like in the other builds, Glimmer is good if you don’t have TP4 available.

But i’d like to point out before you invest on something like this. Arcane Greentome is probably coming in the next few months and it’s gonna be much better, but might require a different build so all this investiment can go to waste if you want that.
And ultimately everything we’re doing here, L!Deirdre already does on her base kit and much better. Trying to get her is better than hyperinvesting in a weaker version of herself.
If you’re ok with those 2 things, go for it, but i’d like for you to have it in mind before spending such high fodders.


Special Spiral is the really important part of those builds, the rest is just stacking as much atk/res as possible. Even just SpSp3 is enough to make a special spamming build work if you’ve got a spare Lewyn or Keaton lying around. If you’re not looking to sink any premium fodder at all, the one on the right is about as good as she gets.

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Thank you, I’ll keep all of that in mind, I appreciate the help a lot, it’s true she needs hardcore investment so I’ll just wait out to see the next arcane weapon

I’d say she’s better with a Vulture effect as of now as her PRF only helps her against dragons. (And we just got free Plegian Tharja)


With how much my +10 Micaiahs fail to kill a lot of units they should because of their effectiveness, I feel Deirdre may have a bad time even against dragons, sadly, but she could make good use of the very niche close ward skill, or just do good with CC of any type + Mystic boost and QR facing dragons. Just have in mind that, if you really wanna invest in her, you’ll need a lot of resources or lowish expectations sadly :(