How to escape statues and monuments hell?

Is there any way to farm them apart from the training grounds?

Most event had silver and gold statue in shop. 20 of them usually.

For gems best bet is September Nero fest/Gilfest and December Christmas lottery box


There are also event nodes that drop those, I obtained a couple during Guda Guda 3.
The summer rerun doesn’t appear to provide many drops but the new one looks like it might.
You will most likely farm a fair bit so you should obtain a couple.

Other than that main quests, Interludes, Rank-ups can also provide a couple but that is a one-time only.

Event shops mainly. You will get some naturally through completing the storyline and general farming. There comes a point where you will actually have too many statues and monuments. It’s just the initial part of the game where you’re always hurting for resources

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Training ground now 1/2 ap that make the AP cost much cheaper than event shop.
Even in normal day, average ap in training ground is still cheaper than shop. Ex: 2 times on 40ap daily give you average 1 monument, 1-2 piece, 1-2 gold gems, 1-2 red gems. Since 80 ap farm event only can bring to you 3 statues OR 3 gems.

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Play story, interludes or nodes with shadow servants, is pretty easy

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statues hell is the easiest to escape from tbh. 2 events are all it takes for you to have enough to max ascend all the Servants which you want to ascend.

Most people got overstocked in lottery events that used to focus on statues over gems. I only go moderately crazy on lotteries and still have 200-300 each class collecting dust next to >100 max ascended servants.

But with no more statues in lotteries this year, training grounds, event shops, and free and main quests with servant enemies is probably all you got.

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Event shops or, earlier this year, lottery event.

The Da Vinci event had monuments and statues on it, I went all out on it and now i have more than i can even use. The issue with tjis solution is that after the Da Vinci lottery, no lottery event had monuments on the boxes, so your best bet is event shops or event drops.

Since each event shop has 20 pieces and monuments for each class,doesn’t it mean that I will be able to raise only 1 4/5star?

My problem is that I have casgil,nito,helena,waver,schez and skadi(I have too many casters ) and I have 2 pieces and 10 monuments right now and I really want to ascend these guys first over my other servants which are in the same situation since these servants will provide the most utility

Just get so good at the game that you can beat everything with zero-ascension servants.


To be realistic you should be focusing on one and it is Skadi. Schez should be the lowest priority out of all of these IMO. Sounds like you’ve been playing <1 year

Your biggest problem will not be ascending one at a time only . This is actually helpful to you as It is actually improving their skill levels so they are actually usable will be your problem. There are 2 summer events we are expecting pretty much back to back, and from here until the end the year every 2 weeks or so there is an event with caster items… You’ve done events before from the sounds of it and typically it involves heavy farming - you will get some monuments and statues that way as well.

The only escape is lotteries event, until then you keep buying at event shops and training grounds.

I dont buy monuments and statues from events shops anymore after farming lottery boxes which gave me surplus of 300+.