How to exchange 7 million download ticket for sr?

As title said how do you exchange the 7 mil ticket for an sr like it said? I have the ticket, I cleared fuyuki(first sing), and I looked in Da Vinci workshop lije it said but I just can’t find it. Some help please?

Exchange available from 15th of September

Oh I obviously read over that detail, thanks. Guess it’s time to farm mats for that servant I want then

Noooooo! I need to exchange my ticket now so I can finish rolling my petals in the lottery! Even with the 100 more inventory/archive slots I just can’t hold all of the embers. Must get casgil!!

The petal Exchange says we have 6 more days to consume those on the lottery, no problem

I know… I just have been expecting to be able to finish rolling today and can’t unless I decide to break down and feed Edison and/or Fionn…

hey yeah,but its already 15th,i have the ticket,i already cleared Sing F,But i cant find the banner??do i nees to clear sing f again???

You’re close. It should be roughly 24 hours away.

Still need to wait another 19 hours for the ticket to be exchangeable.

ah thanks mate

After 19 hours still not working perse, is there an error? its already september 16

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it’s September 16 now, and i can’t use the ticket

It’s 9:27PM atm in the 15th in NA currently, guess we’ll have to give it a full day more and hope it works. Well more time to grind mats for the servant I guess

There’s an established time that it can be used… in 2.5 hours. Usually when things are updated is during that hour no matter the time zone. The daily’s always refresh an hour and a half ago every day, also no matter the time zone.

Hey all, don’t worry :wink:. It’s not time for the exchange yet. I guarantee that you’ll get ur beloved servant in the next 3 hours.