How to Fix Healers? Give them refines already!

So last week I promoted my Wrys to 5* in hopes to eventually max merge him. As the week went on I became stumped! How do I take a character like Wrys and make him unique enough where it’s a benefit to max merge him instead of maxing out the highest stat healer? Does max merging a healer even make sense for a character like Wrys?

Honestly… there really isn’t much. When I dissect him, he has great HP and RES. I can use him for Ploys easily, but what is stopping me from using those said skills on say my max merge Jagen? Does having 1 more RES than Jagen make him that much superior in his ability to use Sabotage or Ploy? No. Can I still do ploys with a un-merged Wrys with +RES (39). Yes I can.

Then I started to break down healers in general. There’s three strong builds out there: Razzle/Dazzle offensive build /w Pain+, Absorb+ tank, or Pain+ Tank. I personally have an absorb tank with my Lachesis, and she’s a fun character, but she’s primarily a back up tank or Rokkr tank. Full support healers are usually the “Budget” builds and honestly don’t give any unique buffs that other support units give.

So I started to look at the most recent healers to come out: Brady, Mercedes, Emmeryn, Forrest

Brady and Mercedes are near identical, but are powercrept by Emmeryn. They all can do the Razzle/Dazzle combo very well with “High” attack and speed, but mediocre to average defensive stats. What irks me is the fact they are all the same character. Why would I invest 220,000 feathers on Brady when the better version is about to be available with Emmeryn? Why would I then invest 220,000 feathers on Emmeryn when the next healer with near identical stats but higher BST comes out? The community knows that if there’s a healer on the banner, they are the demote.

Forrest is similar to Wrys in stat layout. Wrys has 1 RES, 3 HP, 3 DEF advantage over Forrest, meanwhile Forrest has 8 ATK, 3 SPD, and Cav movement. To me, Forrest is the clear winner between the two. He has a stat advantage and cavalry movement. Movement type can be debated depending on skills, which by the way healers are screwed again on. Why do we have to spend resources to be able to do full damage with a staff via a skill or a refine?

What am I trying to get at here? Healers without a unique weapon or skill (which they haven’t done yet!) are in a shitty situation. Healers like Veronica and Fjorm are considered vastly superior over other healers because of their weapons. We are seeing all these Gen 1 guys get some love, like Laslow who was a poor man’s Chrom, but healers seem to be forgotten. There was a time where dagger units were just vastly inferior to bow units, but refines and PRFs saved that archetype. Now I run into a max merge 4 person group of Matthews in my last minute Arena Assault!

I guess my TL/DR summary is simply this: Healers need some love either through unique skills or PRF weapons. They feel very outdated and outclassed. Think about poor ol’ Wrys!

/rant over


Is doesn’t want to give us stickems




I have hope that the CYL 2 refines will introduce staff refines as it would be weird to leave one of them out :cat:

Unique Assists would also be cool :catdance:


your creativity is your limit of making a character unique
if you dont want to invest more into a character it’ll be boring and something everyone has seen already, thats normal


I wrote something long, but I figured most wouldn’t read it. I originally thought I just couldn’t think of a good build, but that’s not the case.

The last new inheritable staves were the Toasty Skewer+ and Ovoid Staff+ over a year ago. Both staves are seasonal, but at least available via compile. The use of the B slot is typically reserved to shore up the attack of a staff user. Staff users have the least amount of skills available. The last PRF staff user was Camilla CYL. Beyond that we have Veronica, Fjorm, and Loki.

Staff: 34 units, 4 PRF. 1:8.5 ratio
Colorless Daggers: 29 Units, 12 PRF. 1:2.5 ratio
Color included: 42 Units, 16 PRF. 1:2.6 ratio

I chose daggers because they have a similar size pool of units.

(Regarding inheritable staves. I cannot remember when units like Mikoto or Mirabelle came out. I think it has been more than a year ago. Right?)


It’s not that your post is long, it’s mostly because there is not much to be said.

It is true that f2p healers are lacking in terms of PRF weapons. I feel like if you want to build a healer tho, you’ll be able to think of a decent build for them and the release of a new more BST healer won’t really stop you. In the end the strength of a hero comes from its skills and not from its stats and there are a lot of skill inhertiance options that you can choose from…you just have to commit to a build and not second guess yourself.


I agree with this.

Wrys should have:
[Grumpy Staff]
Calculates damage as other units.
If unit is older than enemy unit, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +5 and foe cannot counterattack.

Show those whippersnappers whose boss!


I appreciate your reply Guts. I guess my post was in futility about the state of healers. Man, they kinda blow in a game where you typically want to one shot your opponent.

Well if Jagen is older, then he’s a freaking hard counter to Wrys and I cannot agree to this new standard!


Well some of the dragons are older than him too, but we gotta keep these PRFs balanced for the sake of the game lol


… and now for the best Wrys build.


Veronica should get a refine that says

“If enemies are within two spaces, unit goes to geardagas house and demands food and shelter in a manner typical of the tsundere trope”

Would whale


Sorry to be “that guy,” but this is just wrong. The last one was Rapport Wand on V!Silque. And regular Silque did have melancholy but that’s a reskin of an old seasonal staff so I’m assuming you weren’t counting it for that reason. We’re also about to get a new one with S!Rhys btw.


I figured I was wrong there. I couldn’t think of new staves for the life of me. I screwed the pooch.


Hard to blame you, we don’t get new ones very often.


I think the problem with healer refines, aside from IS doesn’t want to do it apparently, is that it’s really hard to provide a refine that packs the utility you want and also outperforms what healers can do with generic weapons.

Wrathful and Dazzling Staff are pretty essential on almost every healer. You want to have both. Which means any unique staff and refine must carry one or the other. If they lack either of those effects, then a generic weapon with the refine will perform better in almost every situation. In large part, that’s because of the Dazzling Staff effect. Null C-Disrupt is rare, and few units tend to run it. Which means for any unit not running it, Dazzling is one of the best methods of cheesing out powercrept units. You need those effects for healers to operate at the same level they do with generic weapons.

But let’s say you’ve merged up your Wrys, and he’s going to get a refine. Which B-skill did you give him? Hope it was the right one, because now that there’s a refine, his weapon effect is definitely Wrathful, and Dazzling needs to be in B. If you gave him Wrathful in B, now that entire inheritance is worthless, and you have to fodder off a Dazzling Staff to him too. Was the increase of 2 might worth having to inherit another rare skill? What refine are they going to offer that makes this beneficial over just a generic staff? Would they even give an additional refine effect beyond the base effect and one of Wrathful or Dazzling?

If they decide to give Brave Veronica a refine, then I think that may cause them to refine others. But just like Dancers, I don’t think healers will ever receive a refine. I’m honestly not sure if healers need a refine. It’s stats that hold them back more than anything. The generic weapon effects are a great method of support, the healer’s just lacking for stats to keep up. Anyway, that’s why healers should be given priority for resplendent alts.


Well all said and done, I just +1’d my Wrys. Thanks for listening to my rant guys (I do want a +DEF Wrys now. He’s +Res).

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I would say my counter argument is to embrace the role of an actual healer. I know I posted this elsewhere in the, “Who will get a refine next!” threads, but something for Wrys be like:

Mt 12 Rng 2
When unit heals using their support ability, heal all other units of the target within 2 spaces for 10 health.

Just something like that to make a healer actually heal more! Then if you pair up with an ability like Physic, it can be useful in modes like that one where we have to kill those daggers units on the large map!


Well looking at what Rhys is getting, he’s got some good stuff

Brazen A/R has only been on Mikoto iirc, and Palm Staff is perfect for tanky healers like Silque, Azama, or Wrys


I think it could be interesting, but I’d wonder if they would see as much use as generic weapons with Wrathful/Dazzling. Wrathful and Dazzling gives a lot of benefits most units can’t match, but improving their general healing ability would be nice too. That said, I think you could argue that’s more an issue of healer-specific specials than anything. Maybe what we’d need there isn’t a preferred weapon and refine, but something like Heavenly Light+ and an adjustment to how the healing formulas work. Also most of the healing spells scale with your attack, so just saying, resplendent healers would be nice. Any day now, IS. When’s Lachesis?

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