How to Get Dratini

So I started doing the Summer Special Research quest line on my main Mystic account, and I easily completed the first tasks, earning myself a Dratini. Upon seeing it had perfect Attack and HP, I automatically evolved it into a Dragonair and then a Dragonite. BIG MISTAKE-One of the tasks in part 2 is to take a snapshot of a Dratini, and that was the only one I had. Ever since jumping the gun on the evolution, I’ve been kicking myself in the rear and desperately trying to get another one-to no avail. So tonight I had an idea, I’d make a new account, unlock the Special Research tasks, complete the first section, and then catch a new, guaranteed Dratini and trade it to the main account. Small problem, the new account won’t show my friends list or register steps! Without those two things, I can’t finish the process. This problem only occurs on my new account, as the original has no trouble counting steps and displaying friends while the new one can’t do either. I tried both accounts on multiple devices and it made no difference. Also, Adventure Sync doesn’t affect the step issue, and I made another new account via Google (the first was done via Facebook) and it wouldn’t show the list or rack up steps either. What do I do? Considering other methods,

Should I…

A. Hunt for one on a windy day? (Never know when one will come along though…)

B. Try and hatch one? (It’s a 1 in 22 chance from 10km and eggs, of which I currently have none, not to mention that they take forever to incubate.)

C. Get one via “Catch a Dragon Type” Field Research? (I’ve been to loads of nearby parks and I haven’t found the task, remember, Pokestops always give the same research.)

D. Trade for one? (I got all the codes for my 132 friends over the internet, and none of them are close enough to trade with judging by the gifts they send. I could ask someone local to trade with me, but they’re a REEEAAAALLLYYYY weird bunch and I don’t have the nerve to ask any of my real-life friends.)

E. Make a new account and catch one via Special Research there? (I’m currently struggling with this, as my friends list and egg hatching won’t work on the new account.)

A, B, or C will pay out eventually. No reason you can’t pursue all of them at once to some degree and I wouldn’t say this task is that critical that it can’t just go on the back burner.

The most reliable method though I’d say is probably D. There’s got to be someone in your local community that’s somewhat friendly, and the relationship doesn’t have to go beyond the needed trade should you not wish it to.


Definitely try and trade for one! That’s the easiest and fastest way to obtain one. It’s much better trying hunt one in the wild or via research task even though it isnt as rare as it was back in 2016. If you do find the task, alolan eggy is currently in the raid pool.

In regards to 10k eggs. You actually have a very good chance since Dratini is currently the most common hatch according to TSR’s egg chart at 15%.

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Thanks a ton!

I can’t thank you enough!

I think you have to reach a certain level with new accounts before you can perform certain tasks in the game. This may be why trading and friendship aren’t available to your new account. I don’t believe the level is hard to reach, maybe somewhere between 6-10?

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