How to get some free operators?

So I’ve been playing arknights again after a period of hiatus and I noticed that I’ve been missing some free operators, like Bibeak and Sideroca.

Is there any way I can get them in the future?

Bibeak can be obtained through the Contingency Contract Permanent Shop - along with a few other OPs - just get enough curency when the event the rolls around again to get her. Sideroca is an Event Welfare and can only be obtained via her respective event, in this case Darknights’ Memoir. Since this was already rerun there isn’t any other known ways of obtaining her, but CN did recently add ways to obtain OPs from already rerun events, starting with HoSF

As for the other welfares

You can look through here to see which events get rerun or not


Soon global will be getting Record restore options for events that were already rerun or won’t be rerun (like vignette events) this will let anyone be able to collect the exclusive stuff from those events like the free operator (at max potential) the furniture sets, and even event themed icons. In fact the first one to get the record restore treatment is introduced with cc6 and the obsidian festival/Ceylon record up first. Followed by the pinus Sylvestris event added grani and operation intelligences flamebringer , and the Mansfield break rerun event saw code of brawls Bison return. That’s all the events so far I’m aware of getting the restore treatment so far.


So there’s a chance that the others will be made obtainable again right?

You can read more about it over here
For big event welfare

For small event welfare

Welfare that can be obtained is up to Snowsant rn, and yes, eventually, HG will update more into the system :fgo_shutensip:


Sweet! Can’t wait to obtain welfare operators that I missed.
Thank you for the info.