How to grind Tempest Trials?

The new Tempest Trials is up, and this time, I really want to try to hit 50,000 points so I can maximize my orb count for the Legendary banner coming up and summoning on the Summer banner for S!Gunnthra. In order to properly grind out Tempest Trials, is it just doing the highest difficulty maps over and over again, or is there a specific way to maximize how many points you get, aside from having a bonus unit on the team?

Grinding the highest difficulty maps takes too much time in my opinion :birbpeek:
Just do the top difficulty twice a day with the 3x bonus, then autobattle the higher Hard difficulty.
Try to make an autobattle team that can sustain itself, so units that have mixed bulk are probably the best. Maybe also bring a healer.


If you are just trying to reach 50000 points then you should try to use a bonus unit for the first 3-4 battles every day on the highest difficulty. The first two rounds each day give 4232 points total (on the highest difficulty with a bonus unit) and every round after that gives 705 points.

This means that if you play the first two battles every day under these conditions that you will already net 42320 points (as long as you do not get defeated/ take too many turns to finish the TT). this means that you only need 7680 additional points. So if you play every day one additional match at the highest difficulty you already get 7050 extra points. This means that you then only have to play one more match to get over the 50000 mark.

This calculation is of course considering that you are able to finish all of the matches without getting defeated/taking too many turns. So it might still require a few extra rounds to hit 50000 depending on your succes in the TT.


Honestly I always do the second highest difficulty with or without the triple points on Auto-Battle. Get a unit that can either take heavy hits(Like Hardin) and heal up or someone who can counter-nuke with Vantage(Ares).

Do 4 successful rounds a day and you’ll be close to hitting that 50k by the end. Obviously you’d want to do a few more to hit that mark, but a couple more rounds shouldn’t hurt.

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Just a couple questions as well:

  • Does Auto-Battle increase the amount of points you get, granted everyone survives and you don’t take too long for turns.
  • So ideally, in order to get 50,000 points faster, I’d want to run a bonus unit + a team that can get through the maps with little to no difficulty. So running a team with Cecilia and Ares could potentially net me more points?
  • More of a confirmation than a question, but it would be wise to use the x2 boosts on the highest difficulties, and then switch the highest hard difficulty?

No, it doesn’t. :frowning:
But it makes TT much less boring to grind through.

Yep. :birbpeek:
You want a team that can win fast but also has sustain for all of the maps.

That’s correct :birbpeek:
If you have a strong enough autobattling team, you can try the lower Lunatic, but the higher Hard is generally the way to go.

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Ares is good, but I’d recommend having his expensive DC/Vantage/Bonfire combo. That’ll make most enemies a breeze. Add in Brazen Atk/Def for higher damage.

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No it doesn’t increase the points you get. However it does make it easier to grind, because it will autobattle through the entire TT for you (as long as your team survives). It does cost more stamina in most cases, and you will have to autobattle at a lower difficulty (so less points per run) to run through it efficiently).

Cecilia is a bonus unit so she will be the one that allows you to net more points (check the list of bonus units on the TT screen to see additional bonus units). All the other units are entirely up to you (as long as you have one of the bonus units).

You will earn 3x the normal amount of points. And yes it is certainly advisible to play at least the two 3x bonus rounds at the highest difficulty to net the most points. Your units will even get bonus stats during these two first rounds of the day so it will be easier to go through them.

Going for the hard difficulty instead of the lunatic one is entirely up to you. It will be easier, but you will earn less points per round. Also as Anicre001 pointed out earlier you can do these lower difficulty by autobattling if your team is strong enough.


To be honest, you really don’t even need to play any of the maps. Ever since the third Tempest, I’ve auto battled every match, every day. Majority of teams with 3 units + bonus can clear hard 5. Of course you’ll hit rounds where you are defeated mid-way through or on the final map. Key things:

  • Do NOT use assists (rally’s are okay though). Your auto-battle team can get stuck in reposition/drawback loops and unless you are paying attention, one map can easily hit 20+ turns, killing your score.
  • Do NOT use gem/TA weapons/skills. Seriously, auto-battle loves to send them at the opposite foe and easily get killed.
  • Use more physical damage/dragons. Auto-battle will love to bait melee units with your range units. So unless they are packing CC, use melee units. Aether, Sol, Noontime are your best friends to keep them alive.
  • Try to avoid using armors. This can really hurt the turn score, especially if they are the last unit alive. Same can be said for Fliers and the randomness of archers. So 1 flier is okay if they have the shield, but really need to make sure they can’t be easily targeted. Cavs are usually good, just have to be careful with Cav-effective weapons. This is where infantry can be best, since they don’t really have effective weakness (well, there is poison dagger, but honestly is quite rare). Dragons are typically okay as there is not tons of effective weapons, but if they are highly invested, shouldn’t have any worry.

You can try auto-battle on lunatic 5, but you really need invested units/healers to get some consistency of completion. But I’ve ranked in the top 1-k5k for nearly every Tempest since the third one, and really just auto-battling all matches, spending all stamina each day Tempest is active, and spending 1-3 stamina potions a day. If your goal is just 50k you can hit that without spending a single stamina potion and just auto-battling hard 5 each day using a day’s worth of stamina or 2 (99-198 stamina). It depends if you need stamina for training heroes, completing story content, chain challenge, etc. Even just using a potion for these activities is fine as well.

So far, just having Ares decimate everything has been working out just fine. Cecilia as the bonus unit, trying out a TA build with her, and the only issues I’ve been having with auto battle is the AI decides to be stupid and let Reinhardt and B!Veronica die from positioning, but it’s been doing the job just fine otherwise. Been liking Cavalry because they tend to clear the maps after 1 or 2 turns pretty consistently.

And for the bonus unit, I can only have one on my team to apply for the bonuses, right?

After the first 2 runs of the day I setup a team with any units I want to level up. It’s better than using the training tower. Grind score and level up units - it’s a win-win in my book.


Wait wow, that’s a brilliant idea…

TA will get Cecilia killed. She’d be better with a blade tome, at least for Tempest. She makes a good counter for AA with Raven & TA, but will typically see her killed in most auto-battle matches. AI likes to send her after reds where she will deal little damage, and get her killed or nearly killed on enemy phase. Autobattle may also move your range unit to block a physical attacker and just creating a choke point. It’s why I recommend using melee units like Ares on Tempest trials. Especially using 3 ranged can be troublesome. The AI doesn’t always know to move them back.

Actually, the opposite. The more you use the easier. Any/all bonus units get the bonus stats. So if you have 4 of them, using 4 of them will increase the survivability of the auto-battle. It won’t give you more score than if you use just 1, but if you are auto-battling, using more than 1 bonus helps as they both get the stat bonuses.

Mayhaps I could combine Tandor’s method with training the bonus units, since Cecilia is the only bonus unit I have trained to Level 40

If you are going to train units, it may take a long while, especially if using a level 40 unit. When you are doing the normal difficulty TT, your level 40 unit will be trying to kill all enemy units. It is better if you just stick Roy/Gwen/TT reward unit and another level 1 unit and have them all train together. That way they all will get xp, SP, etc. Just don’t equip Roy’s TA and should be easier.

What I normally do is level up the 4* reward unit with crystals/shards to level 40, then auto-battle with them to get extra SP. Then when the 5* version is unlocked, repeat. Level up with crystals/shards to level 40, then use them for the rest of the Tempest. I don’t find the lower TT difficulties worth the stamina to points earned. If leveling units is your goal, you should utilize the training maps under special maps. Those are very good for leveling a single unit with 3 support units (2 dancers, 1 healer, or 1 dancer, 1 healer, 1 triangle advantage over your training units weakness, or even using a unit with the double SP skill).

Just pure grinding is no fun

True, but…muh orbs ;-;

But the easiest way is to make the most out of the 2 bonus runs

Using healers are a way to get higher scores safer.