How To : Halloween Myrrh

So backstory; in the GP Discord, we were talking about units that I don’t use, & it was brought to my attention that one of them [Halloween Myrrh] can be a great unit.

Unfortunately, her IVs aren’t the greatest, but I was told that she’s still workable.
So I was told to @KupicZR, @Venatorio, @SiriusXIV & @myrrhder as they’d probably be the best to help me with a possible build for her.


Audino why, but like how this looks:

(Swap Bonfire for Iceburg or Atk/Res Bond A for Atk/Def Bond)
She reaches a decent 35 Spd, which with a buff, becomes good enough to deny doubles. Her Res is also pretty good at 37/42 (depending on your choice of bonds), so she can take a hit, and hit back twice thanks to Vengeful Fighter, hopefully killing the foe with the second hit.

The build I use:

General self-sustain mixed tank. Not much to say about this.

A melee focus build:

Def focused, but will have solid Res too.

The meta setup:

Can use Ignis every round most of the time.


I used to use that when I had one.

Until I foddered her for the Distant Counter I foddered to her :feh_rein:

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