How to keep track of Bond experience?

Hi fellow masters!

Latelly, farming Bond is the best way to get SQ for me. The thing is… Its becoming harder to keep track of every servant and how close they are to the next bond level. Right know I just have to go to each servant card, check manually one bye one, and pick the one closest to gain a lvl. At first it wasnt much trouble, but as my rooster has been getting bigger, its becoming annoying and quite time consuming.

So, is there a tool, helper, or any way to sort your servants not by bond lvl, but by the amount of exp they need to reach the next level? Or some tips to deal with this in an easier way? Im thinking about doing a big check up and writing it in a doc to keep tabs at least on the ones that are under 200k of exp for the next level, but it still seems quite incovenient to manually write and update it.


You can do pretty well by focusing on your top bond 10+ candidates. You don’t get rewards as frequently, but 30 SQ each time is nice.

At first, I thought the bond level sort might also sort by bond points remaining, but that’s not the case.


In game the only way to sort by bonf is level, never exp to next level. If you don’t want to manually check everyone, got to keep a manual list. If I’m farming for bond sq I’ll make a list of everyone with ~100k or less to next level and check them off as I level up, but otherwise I don’t keep track cause it’s a lot of work


İ used to have an excel file and put all of my servants, rarity, sq they will give and how close they are to level up.

However İts hard to keep it updated and theres probably an easier way to do it.


Damn. So the doc seems like the “best” option… SSRs and Bond 10+ are a bit more easy to track and remember but the “filler” SRs and Rs are a pain in the ass, so probably Im going to keep a written record of them.

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I just give them the “select” mark whenever servant has under 100K to next bond level. After reaching bond, I’ll just uncheck the “select” mark.


:fgo_seibathink: that’s actually a good idea. Would make finding them to put in new team configurations easier too. Still requires manually checking who’s <100k, but saves having to make a note outside of the game


Ohhh, good idea! seems easier than the doc!


I just check them all really fast? The only ones I really need to rotate outside of events are the ones in my farming setups. Within events I try to gather the most bond I can using bonus servants.


I made a spreadsheet keeping track of bond level, bond points, SQ return etc. Not really hard to set up, and once that’s done you just have to update the servants you’ve used once in a while to keep things sorted


Weird how there’s no filter option for this, i’ve been focusing only on the servants i bond grailed so far but it’d be useful to know which ones are close to the next level for some quick SQs.

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I totally agree. I think I mentioned it somewhere before that it’s stupid to see the Bond level of a servant and not “how much to next bond level” which shows the amount until next bond level is reaching. They already got the data so it should be very easier to implement this QoL feature.

Maybe in 2025. :fgo_morilaugh:


Yeah, nothing for it but to make a spreadsheet, and update it manually.

I have mine listed, and sortable by: Name/Class/Rarity/NP type (i.e ST/AoE/Support)/Bond Level/Bond to Next/Event? (Y/N)

I also have separate sheets for tracking Mats and Servant Coins.

Obviously time consuming to set up, but having it certainly helps.