How to kill F!Edel

Pfft, you thought I was asking for help killing her? Nah. I’m talking about the non-traditional way: fodder. Specifically Atk/Def Ideal 4 and who should receive it.

In my misguided attempts to get NY!Plumeria merges I got pity broken by F!Edel twice and I’m thinking of who could benefit from the ideal most.

The candidates:

Pro: almost always has spec +6, guaranteed at least 67 Spd as he is and guaranteed follow ups thanks to binding shield so he can afford more Atk/Def.

Pro: Atk/Res menace means he’s got a visible buffs any time he’s going for an attack, and some extra Def would round him out nicely next to his Prf.

Pro: best Angery bebe doesn’t need a reason to get more toys, but same logic as Bram but cuter and stronger, and Ideal would still be active even when not solo.

Pro: same logic as Angery bebe but hotter.

Pro: menace means ideal would be fully active, and good freaking luck getting through all them stats. If she wasn’t a huge deterrent before, I’m pretty sure she is now.

So, who do you think would benefit most from the ideal?

  • Marf
  • Bram
  • Julia
  • Orochi
  • Seiros

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IMO either Julia or Orochi, with me leaning towards Julia

Marth would prefer Unity

Bram would prefer Impact

Seiros would prefer DC or some Res boosting skill because of Dragon Wall

My experience with L-Julia is that she is a one shot machine and F-Julia has even more Atk for the job


So I tend to agree with your take on Bram and Seiros, but for Marth at least I don’t necessarily want to rely on getting debuffed to get stats.

Untouched, unity would be granting him +5 while ideal would be granting +9. Panicking his +6 visible would grant net +11 from the unity. So I’m kinda leaning +9 always vs. +11 sometimes…

Doesn’t Ideal get shut off if he’s damaged and Panicked though

I feel it’s somewhat counterintuitive for a unit who desires Panic

But you are right in that Ideal is stronger if Panic/debuffs aren’t involved. Guess it depends on how/where you play

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Both panicked and not 100% HP? Yeah, it would turn off completely so there unity would be better.

Unity would force him to stay near allies when attacking (i.e. turn 1 near allies, gets his spec 6, then moves 2 spaces to attack outside unity range) so ideal has the advantage there…

I guess ideal would want a rouse 4 to go along with it, which would cancel his unity effect.

Low-key thinking of how I can buff him up to brawl with F!Edel of all things and take 0 damage. PP doesn’t matter since he prevents her counter, but he just needs more Atk for it.

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Part of me says Serios just for the irony of it…


Just duel simmed it and +10 vs +10 Marth doesn’t do dick to her UNLESS he’s panicked, with either unity or ideal. Unfortunate that his max visible Atk and her max visible Def are within 8 points of each other…

Well I did get 2 of her lol one fodder might be food, one might be karma.

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No Armored Stride candidates?

I mean I’m guessing not if you’re gung-ho on Atk/Def Ideal.

But I’d go with Orochi :feh_nino:

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Nah, there are very few offensive armors, and all the armors I care about are draggins… And EP focused…

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Orochi has more def at first glance and with the help of the plegian weapon and menace skill she will get really tanky.

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Decided to give one to Orochi, save the 2nd for another time.