How to make Canto fair in Summoner Duels

Canto isn’t really “fair” in a gamemode like this, put simply. It kills half the aspect of strategy and makes it a hit-and-run fest. How to make it fair? Easy.

Just make canto cost a turn slot if you move from where you attacked. I know this isn’t how canto worked in the mainline titles but for a mode like Summoner Duels, it would be a simple, fair solution. It would make canto users think twice before pulling their BS card.


Canto is perfectly fine if limited to one canto unit.


yep the same restriction as they did for save units.


I wasn’t even aware that saves were limited to a single unit. I don’t use saves.


for normal summoner duels you are limited to have only one save unit, so you cant bring two armors one with far and the other with near, you will have to change the C of one of the two armors.


It would be neat for a future captain skill to reduce canto movement after combat.

Sturdy Captain:
Reduces after combat movement by 1 and grants +6 def/res to allies in 2 spaces of captain

This would make the pathfinder captain skill and the anti-save captain skills more viable. Tanking would become a little bit more common, and pathfinder would be required for safe hit-and-run plays.


Due to trace skills being one of the better B options for Fliers and Cavs I disagree with limiting Canto to 1 unit, however, as a solution I would say limit canto to 1 activation per round (NOT per unit). Activate Yuri first he gets his Canto, oh he switched with Reginn, next turn Reginn tries to hit and run, well since Yuri used the Canto for the round she’s now a sitting duck.


That sounds reasonable, since cavalry canto lines are just way too dominant in SD… why didn’t IS implement such a limit right from the start?
IMHO there should be a general maximum of 2 units of the same weapon type or movement type anyway, forcing players to use mixed teams