How to manage spell energy?

I know I’ve been constantly running out of spell energy, especially since I don’t live on top of an Inn.
@GamePressSoren has written up a really useful Spell Energy management guide here, I wanted to share it with all of you!

Hope this helps with prioritizing and understanding how and when to spend spell energy and what all your options are for getting it currently.
In the meantime we can wait and hope for the devs to make the spell energy system a bit more forgiving. Fingers crossed!

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Nice guide. Thanks!

Every day, you earn Spell Energy in your Daily Assignments when you pick up 1 ingredient or portmanteau on the map. You can go over your maximum spell energy if you dine at an inn. You can then go further over your maximum spell energy if you COLLECT your daily spell energy after you have finished maxing out your energy by dining at an inn.

For example, if you are at 73/75 and then pick up 10 spell energy at an inn, your spell energy will be 83/75. If you then COLLECT 10 from your daily spell energy, your spell energy will be at 93/75, a nice increase over the 75 spell energy maximum.


Thanks for the tip. I don’t know why but I’ve always done the opposite, assuming you couldn’t go over the max.

I wonder how much of my energy ended up going to the void as a result… lol.