How to Maximize Hokusai's Impact

Hi all and happy new year! I’ve really been enjoying Hokusai’s playstyle and character and think that I would like to make her one of my landmark servants; however I would like to ask your thoughts on the best way(s) to do so (preferably without breaking the bank):

  • Grail to 100 - I wouldn’t mind this at all, but that is a lot of QP and XP cards to burn which I don’t have.
  • Use all gold attack fous - I haven’t used any yet and am hesitant since I’m not sure which servants would benefit most from them. Other contenders would be Summer BB or QSH… Thoughts?
  • NP2 - It took me over 300 SQ to get just one copy and Fujino is right around the corner. I feel like that’s a high risk of depression/bankruptcy on up to two counts…

So what do y’all think? I’m running her with an MLB Black grail and she’s doing solid NP damage even at skill lvl 1 due to current bone deficiency. I currently have Tamamo, CasGil, and Helena for support servants.

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The most effective way to improve her impact would be to accelerate her to higher speed. Due to terminal velocity, this will require either extra thrust or a more aerodynamic shape. Safety not guaranteed.


First of all NP2 is the best way to maximise a servant’s damage, Grailing and max gold fouing should help but it falls about 10% or more less than np2, so unless you want to spend 12 months and 55 million QP and ungodly amount of exp, np2 should be your best bet…

BUT if you value your money then spend on other things because the gacha is effing harsh, you may get np2 after 2 rolls or after 500 rolls, your wish, truly.

Grailing is 1145 attack while gold fous are a (currently theoretical) 1k. (we don’t yet have a full 1k in gold fous)
NP2 is recommended for challenge quest main DPS because she needs the overkill to loop. As far as straight damage, this is the biggest impact as she is an arts NP looper and NP2 is a 33% damage boost compared to the ~9% boost from either grails or gold fous.

That said,
Oi gets another banner later, Fujino does not.
Gold fous are the most scarce resource in the game and are the closest equivalent to other gacha’s ring mechanics. If that’s something you care about, think carefully. (grails technically should be like this, but we have enough grails for multiple servants, we won’t have enough fous to do that for at least a year, IIRC)

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Why does it take 12 months? Is it the Grails?

The gold fous I mean, they are pretty rare, I think JP has enough to max out 3 servants now, grails on the other hand are given out freely for just logging in, I swear this happened on JP recently.

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You can ask Okita-san

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That Grail was just part of the New Year’s login bonus.

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I know, just comparing how gold fous and grails are treated :smiley: Also we need 50 gold fous to max a servant in comparison to 5 grails for SSR.

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Oh yeah the gold fous. And 3 servants? If JP did got them two years before us, that means 3 servants in 2 years? Good lord that’s crazy. Well they do only give +20 so that’s predictable, I guess

On the other hand, I’m relieved to hear that they give Grails so easily.

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It was kind of a joke, it was given for new year login bonus, I hope you don’t think they are that regular. :sweat_smile:

That’s mean of you :fgo_insane: but do you know if they ever give them out like in events or anything? Or do we only get them from singularities?

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Your first run of an event gives you a grail, and if it’s your second playthrough of that event you get a lore in place of the grail. Here’s a good google doc for such enquiries.

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Okay, thank you very much!

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Honestly, just borrow a Bride + level her skills and you’ve done enough to enable her.

it’s probably best to think of it like
every year, if you do everything, you get enough “scarce” materials to fully
grail (about) one servant (to 100)
gold fou one servant on average
10/10/10 ten to fifteen servants

I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet, but just wanted to give my input. Don’t forget about your CE choice and leveling up that CE (preferrably one with fully optimized attack CE), because it would be a +2,000 attack to a Level 100 one. I understand that some might find it as not as easy as grailing or implementing Gold Fous, but I think that would help maximize Hokusai as well… Maybe the ‘Cute Orangette’ CE, which synergises with her amazing NP gain and also provides an added NP Strength+. However, if that’s not an option, since it is not a free Event CE, Holy Night’s Supper would be nice as well, in my opinion, to maximize damage.

For sure. Since I finally managed to MLB Black Grail (only lvl 50) I’ve been putting it on all my DPS units, so Hokusai’s NP damage has been really good. I wish I could have MLB’d Cute Orangette on Valentines bc it’s one of my favorite CEs, but currently capped at level 20. With her star weight, HNS would also be a solid pick for her. Formal craft and Another Endi g also seem good, but still not MLB on my account.

Did you MLB the CE on Hokusai’s banner? That’s not a pure attack CE but it’s quite good on her.

Otherwise, Black Grail is good but it’s hard to beat MLB Formal Craft, especially for longer fights.

which outdamages HNS, btw.



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Yeah I’ve been using my cas gil plus a friend’s bride and she’s been looping and doing 200+k on avg. And that’s with her own skills at 1/1/1 and np2 so…:tipping_hand_man: