How To Pay for SQ without Paying

Just a wee guide I thought I’d put out since I need a break from farming Da-Vinci lottos.

I’m only about 10 boxes in!! screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~
Irrelevant Progress Screenshots starting 5 minutes from now

I’m probably going to get a bit of salt over this for not putting this out earlier, for those unfortunate F2Ps who broke your sacred vow in order to get some new 5-star Servant (that probably ended up being a dupe).

So let’s… BEGIIIIIIIN!!!

Disclaimer for those living outside the U.S.A:
I obviously live somewhere in the hallowed ground that is the United States of A, so I don’t know for sure how this might work outside of my country of origin.
I imagine it’s the same though. Buggered if I’d know why Google would make it different for another country

Introducing Google Opinion Rewards!!


For those who know what it is, kudos to your genius IQ that undoubtedly put you a step ahead.
For those who DON’T know what it is, then shame on you!!

Obligatory Rin picture here:

So what is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is basically a way to get Google Play credit by answering surveys.
These surveys are incredibly short and take no longer than a minute or two to complete.

What’s the caveat?

The only caveat is that you need to have Google Locations turned on, so that Google can track places you visit, and tailor the surveys accordingly.
This could be a major turn-off for those who value their privacy, but Google doesn’t send you spam emails or anything.
The app does have a notification icon for when a new survey is available, but this is a moot point if you don’t have Location turned on, as you won’t get any surveys anyway ya stupid turd.

I don’t care if Google knows if I’m in the Loo at Starbucks. How can I get more surveys??

First off, you should care.
Second off, coffee tends to do that. Stop drinking that much coffee you caffeine addict.
Thirdly, if you can afford to go to Starbucks on a regular basis, then why tf don’t you devote that money to GSSR instead?

Oh wait… this topic.

Obligatory Rin picture #2


How much can I expect to earn?

The amount of surveys you get depends on 2 factors:

  • The amount of cat videos you watch on Youtube
  • How well-traveled you are

At least a third of my Surveys have been about Youtube video recommendations. These also tend to pay the most compared to ones asking whether or not you went to so-and-so on this-or-that date.

Google will also ask questions about if you paid for something, how you paid for that service (credit, debit, cash), and even ask if you have a photo of a receipt.
Whether or not you want to provide that information is up to you, so exercise your best judgement.

If you don’t know how to exercise judgement, then you REALLY shouldn’t be playing F/GO.
In fact, you really should reconsider living.
Save that precious O2 for other people who can make better use of it.

Here are some screenshots of my Surveys starting from September

Assuming I can math:
In the month of September I earned $3.21
In the month of October I earned $1.94
In the month of November I earned $1.20
In the month of December I earned $2.40
So far in January I’ve earned $2.54
In the last 4 (and a half) months, I’ve earned $11.29.

So you can easily extrapolate using this data and calculate how much I’d earn in a year.
(Spoiler: I earned enough in 2019 to easily pay for the GSSR)

Scuttlebutt has it that the F/GO GSSR is going to have a price drop from $30 down to $15 sometime in the future. I don’t know when, but probably next year, or two years from now.
I’m a whale, and I use Google Opinion Rewards, so what do I care about an extra $15??
So if you do Google Opinion Rewards, F2Ps won’t have to pop their cherry and shell out monies to get their Guaranteed Salt


Download Google Opinion Rewards from this link here
Turn on Locations if you like being Internet naked
Rake in alla dat monies.
Salt the absolute f$%k out!


Thanks a lot for the idea
I live in germany and we have the app here as well
There are no survey available at the moment but i would suppose that it works…if only this could help me fund the np5 scathach now lol

Gimme surveys aaaaa


We don’t riiipp


You can’t download the app ?
Or is it just that there are 0 surveys now ?

Unavailable. Eastern Europe do be like that


Oh big rip


Update :first survey
Again thanks @Psi


now imagine how much moolah you’d have earned if you had this on day 1 of FGO


‘Bout tree fiddy


Dude 1 dollar is 6tl so if this works i can do 30 paid roll without spending over 130tl+ and its absolutely beautiful. Thank you


hope this works out for you.
If you can’t travel a lot outside, watch tons and tons of youtube.
At some point surveys will pop up about videos you’ve watched and rate how relevant some recommended videos are.
Indoor shopping malls work best if you have those in your area. Well-known national and international chains are second best.
If there’s a commercial for it on any major tv channel, then there is a good chance a survey about whether or not you visited that place will pop up.

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This item is not available in your country. Thank you Google!


These surveys seem to amount to abysmal return on time invested. Like, even if you earn minimum wage, you’d make more money just working the same amount of extra hours at your actual job. I can understand wanting to avoid spending money on the game, but this is basically just spending special money from a job that pays slave wages.

I guess if you, for whatever reason, can’t work more hours at your job, it’s a possibility. But if that is your situation, you most likely have more important things to spend your time on.


Cries in apple


Like I said in the opening post, each survey only takes a couple minutes.
This isn’t swagbucks or inboxdollars or whatever with 15-30-45+ minute surveys.

Google Opinion Reward surveys typically take me less than a minute, 2 tops if its a youtube one, and can grant up to a dollar if ur lucky.


I guess, but you earned about $12.00 in 4.5 months. That’s like an hour of work at an average low-end job.

I mean, this isn’t a way to avoid paying money for quartz. This is a way to earn money that can only be spent on quartz at a rate about equivalent to a fry cook.


Sure, it’s not enough to buy a 167 SQ pack or anything, but it’s enough for a yearly GSSR, and for most F2P and even whales looking to save, it’s enough.

To each their own. I’ve never had to pay for a GSSR, even tho I’m a whale and can afford it. Rewards paid for it each year.


I don’t mean to be disparaging, I’m just trying to point out there there isn’t a difference between earning money to buy quartz via your normal job and earning money to buy quartz via completing surveys. And there is a good chance your time is far more valuable than what these surveys are paying you.

I’m sure this is a decent option for some folks, I just wanted to emphasize that using this method to buy quartz is very likely wasting your time when compared to just spending the money you earn at your job. It’s probably not saving you anything, but may actually represent a loss of value when accounting for opportunity cost.


Maybe, but the primary audience I’m aiming for are F2P who don’t want to spend at ALL, but force themselves to for the GSSR becuz it’s too good to pass up.
High school students with no debit/credit cards who go out with friends a lot or people who can’t easily purchase Google Play credit can make the most out of this guide.

This is all (mostly) passive income.
Each survey can probably be done faster than a single car commercial, so it’s not as if people have to make time for the surveys.
Anyone who is looking to get steakhouse dinner amounts with this is obviously delusional. $30 (and eventually $15) in a year for the GSSR is the target here.


I do this as well, I’ve got like 5.75 or so atm and I hope to get some more by the time gssr rolls around