How to play Pokémon Go on Laptop

I love to play Pokemon go on my Smartphone. Can I play Pokemon Go on Laptop? If yes, then guide me guys

Not without breaking the terms of service. Need to have GPS and the app isn’t made for PC/Mac without some kind of porting…?

Pretty sure there’s an android/iOS PC program/emulator called Bluestacks, the problem comes, as @captpepperjack says, to walking when the only way to do it is to spoof…or ask to plug in your computer in every other neighbour’s house.

Why would you want to play pokemon GO in a laptop computer?

There are a million games that are a gazillion times more fun than pokemon go that run in a laptop.

I enjoy pokemon go for my daily walks, when I am waiting for somebody, etc. but in a laptop?

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Fallout 4, albeit I’m on PS4. Shame I’ll need to buy a gaming computer or XBox for any future Bethesda stuff.

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Linux offers Android implementation via Anbox, but :

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If you have an android device and a PC you can connect your phone to your computer via BT and the phone link program. I’ve done that and opened up the game on my laptop but I actually found it rather hard to play on it with a mouse - I couldn’t accurately throw balls at all.